Monday, October 15, 2018 - Mercury Conjunct Venus (Retrograde)

Mercury has been moving forward, and Venus has been moving backward. Today they meet up, and the process repairs damage.

At various times, the planets go retrograde, or appear to move backward (except the Sun, Moon, and Black Moon - they do not retrograde).

When a planet is retrograde, it “goes back in time” to rectify, rework, revise, re-emphasize, and repurpose things related to that planet.

When Venus is retrograde, our VALUE SYSTEM is reworked in a myriad of ways.

Mercury rules communications, information, thought processes, insight, and understanding.

Mercury and Venus are teaming up today at 09 Scorpio, “a dentist at work.” It is about repairs. Specifically, repairs to communication. The energy wants to make things better.

The Universe is set to send each of us important messages today. Things that happen and information that comes to us is extremely VALUABLE. It teaches us about what is truly valuable in life.

Pay attention and contemplate whatever is being shown to you. What valuable insights can you gain?

Mercury and Venus will not make conjunction again until July 2019, so we want to get the most understanding out of this energetic as possible.

Wisdom, let us attend.


Over the weekend, this story was making the rounds in the independent media. If you haven’t seen it, it deserves a watch. Michael was a false flag against us (specifically targeting the air base - curious).

And, this Thursday night from 7-8 pm EST, please join me on The Patriot Intel Hour - Phoenix’s new one-hour show on TFR. Phoenix is changing it up and hosting Tuesday and Thursday nights (like before) and doing a one-hour show. I will try not to talk too fast, but ya’ll know that is hard for me! :)