Friday, October 5, 2018 - Venus Stations Retrograde

Venus stations retrograde at 3:05 pm ET/7:05 pm UT.

We recall that the day a planet stations retrograde or direct is usually intensive. The energy can go into wild places. It goes where a change needs to be catalyzed.

During Venus’ retrograde, we receive a gift. It is the gift of clarity.

Events, circumstances, and situations arise to help us see the truth of ourselves through relationships.

New people come into our lives to help us see clearly. This happens in various aspects of our lives: personal, professional, familial, spiritual, and creative. Oftentimes, these people are temporary, entering just long enough for us to arrive at a new truth by the end of the retrograde.

Existing relationships undergo transformation to help us see clearly. Relationships are “re-worked” or “reconfigured.” The highest and best for everyone involved occurs by the end of the retrograde.

Venus retrograde is designed to integrate aspects of ourselves in order to strengthen our spirits by helping us UNDERSTAND WHAT WE TRULY VALUE.

When we understand what we truly value, our actions and behavior change. Life is better. This is ultimately what Venus retrograde brings.

Venus is retrograde until November 16 at 6:50 am ET/10:50 am UT.

On the first day of the retrograde, a good exercise is writing down what you value. This creates a context. Then, at the end of the retrograde, we revisit the list. And that’s when things become clear.

For its part today, the Sun prompts bubbles of illusion to pop, bubbles of protection to go up, and the bubbling up of emotions.

For its part today, the Earth prompts us to contain the energy and keep it from getting out of control by remaining in control of ourselves. We focus on the strengthening gift of clarity that Venus is offering us.

Clarity brings wisdom. Wisdom, let us attend.



A beautiful gift from wise owl Robin is linked on Oracle Report. It is the list of the revised and enlightened Sabian symbols. Some of the symbols require the context of the book she has written to accompany them. Sophia likes to deliver wisdom through stories.

Next week, Andrew, Robin, and I will be recording a chat about the story behind the story of how this all happened. And after a bit of editing, Robin’s book will be ready for anyone who would like to read it. It is a freely-given gift from her heart.

My job is to transition the application of the symbols. The new symbols are lighter, and I am extremely grateful. It is time to evolve the energy.

Robin received the wisdom of these symbols over several years. She sent them to me in the spring of 2017. I have worked with them myself since then to test them and see how they operated.

One of the many things they are is contemporary.

For example, Venus is retrograding at 11 Scorpio. The previous symbol is “an official embassy ball.” The new symbol is “an official soccer ball.” Robin wrote this long before Putin gave Trump a soccer ball during their diplomatic meeting this past summer.

What comes from a universal offering?

What develops between Russia and the US over the retrograde period?

Peace. And progress.

We know this because Venus will station direct at 26 Libra. The previous symbol is “an eagle and a large white dove turning into each other.” The new symbol is “majestic eagle, peaceful dove.” So you see the baby has not been thrown out with the bathwater. The baby is just growing up — during Second Renaissance.

Happy Venus Retrograde and Happy Weekend to you all! I will be working on more gifts for the New Moon in Libra on Monday, and will see you then.

Thank you, Robin!