Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Are you ready to regain a lost opportunity?

This astrological year's theme of "through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained" is in full force with the Earth discharging "a theatrical representation of a golden-haired goddess of opportunity."

The opportunity is not just theatre -- it's real.

What do you want to regain?

The answer is likely to come today through inner wisdom.  Venus at "a very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast" reminds us to go inside and trust our inner wisdom.

That said, the other side of the "very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast" can trigger feelings of abandonment, especially a feeling of being spiritually lost or forsaken.  This is an illusion.  The "dark void" is a place of creation, not hopelessness.  It is a place of opportunity.

Yesterday, 13 Serpent, ended what is in my opinion the most challenging of 13-day periods (trecenas) in the Mayan Sacred Calendar.  1 Death/1 Transformation (today) is usually felt as a relief.  1 Death/1 Transformation could also be translated as "The Void." 

We have great potential today, if we can steer out of nose-dives, as we have the Sun discharging "an airplane performing a nosedive."  This is accomplished by considering consequences and not  diving in headfirst with anything.  We are in control of our mindset and actions.  And we have the highest spiritual forces assisting.

Be aware that drama or other types of distraction may be trying to divert our attention from the real truth of something.  Mars is discharging "a masked figure performs ritualistic acts in a mystery play."  We are so "over" that energetic.  It is so played out and old paradigm.  I briefly mentioned last week that Sophia had delivered the "fix" to the Sabian symbols to bring them out of archontic spin.  Wise owl Robin has received these.  We will be talking more and more about these, but the "corrected" symbol for this degree is "the mask comes off."

Let's unmask our regained opportunity today.  Wheels up.

(I will return to recording the reports ASAP.)