Friday, June 1 - Saturday, June 2, 2018

Today the Moon will conjunct Pluto and then the Black Moon, making today somewhat of a "super Black Moon Day," and prompting our best application of wisdom to navigate the tendencies toward anger, sadness, depletion, and the projection of these things onto others.  Moods could be quite heavy.  The dynamics necessitate a thorough report today.

Though it is much like laboring to deliver a refreshed version of oneself, these energetics bring us to a place of higher consciousness by their end.  The day is revelatory in many ways.

The light that Pluto and the Black Moon ultimately bring is echoed in today's sign in the tzolkin (Mayan Sacred Calendar).  It is 3 Star, which brings the germination of wishes.

Before the Moon reaches Pluto, it will oppose Venus at 1:00 pm ET/5:00 pm UT.  This aspect distributes energy to solve a puzzle or problem that is staring us in the face (and possibly related to relationships).  The Moon will discharge "school grounds filled with boys and girls in gym suits;" Venus will discharge "a man studying a mandala in front of him with the help of a very ancient book."  When we study patterns, we begin to see things in a different way.  (it is wise today to look before leaping.)

Though the energy will build all day, at 11:36 pm ET/3:36 am UT, the Moon will conjunct Pluto at the familiar "a general accepting defeat gracefully."  What has this symbol shown or said to you?  It is as much about victory as it is defeat because Pluto rules transformation.  What is perceived as defeat or loss actually transmutes itself into powerful insight into future action.  Since the Moon is involved, the energetic may be soldiering through your emotional body to clear it of negative build up.

The inner spiritual warrior is further activated as the Moon conjuncts the Black Moon around 3:30 am ET/7:30 am UT at "a soldier receives two awards for bravery in combat."  Etheric combat is one way to describe what we've been doing for the past month (since the Black Moon-Pluto conjunction came into effect).  The return of archontic forces to Source has been the mission; the Black Moon now seeks to reward the effort thus far.

With the "soldier receives two awards for bravery in combat" energetic, the Black Moon in Capricorn issues of recognition and appreciation of what one has given comes into primary focus.  What do you need to recognize and appreciate about yourself?  What do you need to recognize and appreciate about others?  These are the two rewards.

The Wisdom Goddesses of Sophia and the (knight-like) Emissaries of Thelete have been working overtime to recognize and bless those who live in service of love and have aligned with devotion to light.

During the Black Moon's nine-month transit through Capricorn that began in November, there are three "super days."

The first was April 18/19 when Mars made conjunction with the Black Moon at 18 Capricorn, "the Union Jack flies from a new British warship."  The collapse of Empire increased in speed.

The second was May 18 when the Black Moon made conjunction with Pluto at "the general accepts defeat gracefully."  The collapse of Empire became imminent, relatively speaking.  (Pluto will retrograde and come back to churn away again at this degree for a couple of years.)

The third is today/tomorrow as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and then the Black Moon while the two planets are still in tight conjunction.  This will be the last time the Moon activates this pair's conjunction for 9 years, and the last time this pair's conjunction occurs at "a general accepting defeat gracefully" for 2,000 years.

Pause to consider:  three days during nine months to produce sweeping, radical transformation and renaissance. 

It is rather monumental, life-changing, world-changing energy, and it will stir emotions.  Be aware that this is happening en masse as you interact with others.  The energy is highly charged and responses vary and vacillate.

To add to the stir, the Sun is discharging "a Black slave girl demands her rights of her mistress," and the Earth is discharging "a flag that turns into an eagle that crows."  People are inclined to speak up for themselves and others, declarations are made, and ideas arise to affect change.

If the darkness that this astrology is bringing to light becomes too heavy for you (and this would be very natural if you are a Capricorn or Cancer, or have the Black Moon or Chiron in Capricorn or Cancer), turn to a Higher Power.  Leaning on a Higher Power is what gets us through our dark times.

Despite the tone of this report, it is important to remember that the Black Moon and Pluto always bring a rebirth.  It's 3 Star.  The Moon, the Black Moon, and Pluto - the three "stars" - will bring us to higher truth.

Time to make wishes.

Full Moon Phase:  clarity, enlightenment, heightened emotions

Moon in Capricorn

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia: Tara, She Who Comforts

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete: Ian, He of the East