Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Today is 7 Road in the tzolkin.  On this day, paths are revealed.

This should be rather interesting, as we have two very powerful astrological events happening, both of which carry a lot of "drama," both of which are the electrifying the scenery, and both of which are pivoting off each other.  Let's unwind the loop:

1 - MERCURY CONJUNCT SUN at 16 Gemini and its corresponding Sabian symbol energetic of "a woman activist in an emotional speech, dramatizing her cause."  Mercury is the "ruler" of communications, and the Sun amplifies, so this will be a particularly strong discharge of this energetic.

There is a natural tendency to press an issue or go to extremes with this.  The core objective is a change, usually toward something more fulfilling or toward some type of rectification.

The Earth is at the opposite side of the Mercury-Sun conjunction, discharging "sea gulls fly around a ship looking for food."  We go in search of needed nourishment, and are tempted to settle for less than what is acceptable or appropriate.

Instead of acting out the old dramas, making demands, and seeking on the outside what is only found on the inside, let's take a different path - a different road.

7 Road is about what is reflected or shown to us.  If we are running around willy nilly and off our center, we are not in the position for the way to be shown.  We can duck down different paths looking for whatever we think we need, but this is counter to the higher energetics. The higher energetic is a place of stillness and reflection. 

The way is shown or the answer is revealed when we can slow down, calm the mind, and be receptive to what the universe shows us today.

2 - VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO IN SQUARE TO THE ERIS POINT will amp up the emotional drama even more, particularly within relationships (which are already undergoing intensive rebirth, see post from Friday, June 1). 

Venus is discharging 21 Cancer, "a prima donna singing," echoing the Sun-Mercury conjunction of "a woman in an emotional speech," with people speaking their minds, trying to get needs met, and seeking fulfillment.

Pluto is discharging 21 Capricorn, "a relay race."  This symbol is not about racing.  It's about sharing and collaborating.  It's about carrying things forward, step by step, along with others.

Again, if we are racing around or being a prima donna about getting what we want, we are not in the position for the way or answer to be shown.

On "7" days, what we need is REFLECTED to us.  We want to be in the space and place where we can SEE.  We cannot see the road for us if we are chasing down all roads.

In other words, we are in much better shape today if we bypass the drama, speak plainly of our feelings and needs, take personal responsibility, and open to what is being offered to REGAIN an opportunity.  Remember, this astrological year's theme is the Sabian symbol of "through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained." 

If we open to what is being shown to us today, stepping back and letting the unconscious forces of imagination do their work, we will be aligned with our proper course.

7 Road is a great blessing if we can accept blessings.

(Note for Not-As Rapid-As-I-Had-Hoped Readings:  I am about 70% complete at this point.  I have to have oral surgery this week - ah, Saturn.  I appreciate your patience, and I will still be working on these, but if I have not completed your reading yet and you would like a refund, please email me.)

Disseminating Moon Phase:  share, communicate

Moon in Pisces

Emissary of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom):  Tara, She Who Comforts

Emissary of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Ian, He of the East