Friday, July 12, 2019

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out of comfort zone; take action

Moon in Scorpio/Sagittarius 11:05 am ET/3:05 pm UT

Tzolkin: 6 Jaguar

Skills: turn it up to “11” (take things above and beyond); find humor; find beauty

True Alignments: individual talents, stepping up one’s game, strong voice, that which is fulfilling, spotlighting, time signatures, maps/finding the way, bringing forward knowledge and information, reconfiguring, putting things together

Catalysts for Change: feeling defeated or not enough strength to do what is needed, the need for recognition, endless unproductive pursuits, noisy, melodramatic, confusing, overdoing, self sabotage

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “a comedian entertaining the group” (exaggeration of things in order to see truth)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “fairies dancing in the setting Sun” (end of control systems and beginning of freedom - both are happening at the same time)

6 Jaguar is a dynamo! It is sheer beauty in motion.

Jaguar is the sign of The Shaman. The word “shaman” encompasses a full spectrum. Anything can be done “shamanically” if it is done for positivity - for healing. 6 Jaguar spins love out into the world in breathtaking, captivating ways. The energy dazzles the eye. It catches the light and dances with it, evoking something inside of us to spark.

The lower octave of 6 Jaguar is death cult worship. We will leave that there.

Today’s astrology is relatively quiet. We have planets (or whatever they are - the jury is out on that, in my opinion) making epic aspects and a ton of planets retrograde, but they are not bouncing frequencies off of each other and jangling the electrical field as much as they have been since the New Moon on July 2.

This is not to say that the day is slow or uneventful because, as I mentioned above, 6 Jaguar is a dynamo. We have the ability to go deeply into something and take it to the highest level because “6” is the energy of death and rebirth - which are active, vital processes (but work in two different ways). 6 is easy-going, seemingly effortless energy that belies extreme skill and precision. 6 energy makes it look easy, which is one of the hardest things to actually do!

Great complexity and skill come with 6 Jaguar.

The “True Alignments” and “Catalysts for Change” cover the range of themes today, so I won’t trail into more narrative on them. Instead, I want to mention that the Sun will oppose Pluto on Sunday at 10:37 am ET/2:37 pm UT. It is likely to be an intense or heavy day. Pluto has just retrograded back to the degree of “a general accepting defeat gracefully.”

The wisdom of this symbol, which is hard won, says that we are not defeated if we change battlegrounds. In other words, the time for things elapses and the time for other things begins. The key is to recognize when the time has expired, accept it, and change to something else (or totally revitalize it).

And lastly, something I am very much looking forward to - Andrew on Phoenix’s Patriot Intel Report on YouTube this Sunday. For those new to Oracle Report, Andrew started the OR Facebook page many years ago and has added his time and energy to many OR things. Andrew is my wingman. Friends, I have a feeling this is going to be good. If ever there was a conversation I would like to be a fly on the wall for, it’s Andrew and Phoenix’s conversation! You never know what is going to come out of Andrew’s wry mouth, especially when it is Mercury retrograde. He cracks me up - a true comedian entertaining the group - and this is one of my favorite things about him. Tune in for some fun.

Happy Friday, everyone! See you back here Monday.