Saturday, November 22 - Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Moon Phase: beginnings

Moon in Sagittarius

Skill: be an archer

Negative Imprint: exaggerating the past, rationalization, setting up inner walls that block involvement, busying oneself to avoid feelings, feeling defeated, insensitivity, blurting things out, aggression

Positive Imprint: deep emotional reward, defiance of the forces of time, liberation, communication, sharing, trust, carefree

A new lunar month begins in the sign of Sagittarius today.  The energetic imprint for the month involves themes related to the Sabian symbol (descriptive image) of "retired army veterans gather to reawaken old memories." 

This energy will be in play all month long, bringing people, places, and things of similar mind and intention together.  Sagittarius is the The Archer, and he combines on the New Moon with the Archer of Love, Cupid, and the Goddess of the Homefires, Vesta, to shoot us with love arrows blazing with the feeling of home. 

Many things will develop from this volley of love arrows, and the volley will find us all month long.  At higher levels, arrangements and allowances will be made to ensure that we have a "homecoming" with the things we need.  Alliances, missions, projects, and relationships that were planned long ago begin implementation.  A new blueprint for the future is reawakened as people, ideas, and plans come together. 

It's important to follow where you are drawn this month.  An internal combustion is happening to pull us toward whatever we need.  This energy is working at the core level, with deep elemental processes in play to awaken parts of us from long ago - from the "before times."  Ore from our core is ignited.

In turn, deep, elemental processes will be going on within the Earth.  The inner fires (volcanic and tectonic activity) of Gaia Sophia have been rising for some time and may be dramatic this month.

Words are powerful this weekend.  Mind what you say but also put your thoughts to paper if you are inclined toward writing.  How about a wild "mindfire?"

This weekend, as the new month begins with the New Moon on Saturday, set your sight and take aim.  Aim to facilitate the energy that brings the spiritual homecoming.