Friday, November 28, 2014

Crescent Moon Phase: challenges

Moon in Aquarius/Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhairavi (Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart)

Skill: slow down and lighten up

Negative Imprint: escapism, irresponsibility, avoidance, self-sacrifice, self-criticism, self-punishment, over-reaction, fear of losing independence

Positive Imprint: invitations, situations opening up, respect, self-nourishment, deep feelings, love, lightness of being, strong foundations

The Sacred Masculine in each of us makes its presence known today.  A combination of our energy and our emotions mobilizes.  It brings things - thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and even long-forgotten parts of us - up from the deep.

Another dynamic is in play to facilitate this.  The Moon will move into Pisces, making opposition with the Black Moon for the first time since the Black Moon's movement into Virgo yesterday.  (If you missed yesterday's report, it is in the Archives at  I discussed the Black Moon in Virgo a little more in that report.)

The Moon will move into Pisces, opposing the Black Moon, around 5:00 pm ET/10:00 pm UT.  From there, the Moon will build toward conjunction with Neptune around midnight ET/5:00 am UT.   This will be our first experience of the Black Moon in Virgo (and its aspect with Neptune).  The Black Moon in Virgo is trying to help us reconcile lingering feelings about our perceived failures, short-comings, and weaknesses.  These are the most likely suspects for uprising today.

In particular today, the Black Moon helps us see situations where we've looked to others to provide what is best provided by oneself, and situations where we diminished ourselves and our potential by accepting mere scraps when more was wanted.  If we compromised on ourselves with something, it may surface for healing today.  The Black Moon's goal is to rebirth us into a happier place, so it is best to go with where she takes you.  The healing comes from understanding that each of us is on a quest for wisdom, a quest to understand the universe through understanding ourselves.  Mistakes or failures don't matter because the universe will deliver opportunity after opportunity for us to do it differently.  We do it differently when we learn from our mistakes.  We reflect on things and contemplate them in order to learn from them and thus do it differently.  Black Moon in Virgo is particularly adept at this and is teaching all of us.

On the whole, today's energy wants to open up our hearts.  The Sun is located at the degree of "Cupid knocking at the door of the human heart."  Walls around the heart try to come down.  The Wisdom Goddess Bhairavi joins us today to assist us with facing any fears that accompany the walls coming down.  She will also aid those who are resisting Cupid's knock or having issues in relationships.

We have the potential for a highly emotional day today as the new energy of the Black Moon strikes.  Mostly we want to observe what this energy is going to be like for us instead of reacting to it.  We are just getting started here, so even though an internal "mobilization" is happening, let's enter the waters slowly.