Thursday, November 27, 2014

Crescent Moon Phase: challenges

Moon in Aquarius

Skill: share with others

Negative Imprint: difficulty showing true feelings, robbery, undervaluing, not seeing the depths of people and situations relying on the same solutions, not getting to the core of things

Positive Imprint: treasures, integrity, honesty, staying on your toes in tense situations, sincerity, self-confidence, reassessing, refinement, drawn toward love

Sagittarius energy sets us on personal quests for knowledge and wisdom, and certainly to find what is real, valuable, and true.  Sagittarius highly values what's true.

Today, as people gather together (especially in the US with Thanksgiving), we find ourselves with people of both like and unalike mind.  Thus, it is a time when the millenia-old Archontic tactic of divide and conquer finds a unique opportunity to be played.  They try to play us.

When people of the heart are forced to be with people who still live the lie, unless the people with heart recognize the control-tactic of divide and conquer, this type of day can be a miserable struggle.  Many Oracle Report readers incarnated into families where strong Archontic energies have deeply infected people's minds and have essentially taken a person over.  The humanity inside that person has been dominated.  When you are interacting with Archontically-controlled people, remember that they are archontically controlled and the person is very far back in there.  It is pointless to directly engage in conflict with an Archon (Archons are insane and can't be reasoned with), so don't waste your energy.  Be neutral with them.  Set yourself an intention that you won't take any bait and you won't feel like a failure, a black sheep, or incapable.

Feeling like a failure, feeling like a black sheep, and feeling incapable also comes courtesy of the first day of the Black Moon's movement into Virgo.  Those with the Sun in Virgo or Pisces and those with the Black Moon in Virgo or Pisces are likely to feel the shift, if you haven't already.  The Black Moon in Leo was fiery.  The Black Moon in Virgo is earthy. 

The Black Moon delivers the process of death and rebirth, and it always brings a reward.  One of the rewards it will bring is a stronger, more grounded connection with Gaia Sophia.  On the micro level, the Black Moon brings us down to Earth, and on the macro level, the Black Moon brings Heaven down to Earth.  She is as much the golden-haired goddess of opportunity as she is the raven-haired goddess of destruction of the outworn.  The Black Moon's transit through Virgo is going to find and eliminate what we no longer need.  She is interested in efficiency and is trying to get us into better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual shape.

Remember that the Black Moon and the planet Eris are the same energy with the same themes.  The Black Moon operates on the individual level and Eris operates at the global level.  Eris' discovery in 2005 was the harbinger of the Great Awakening.  Her mission is to free our minds from the slavery that has been imposed on us.  Her only goal is freedom.

It is always a game with Archons.  If you find yourself amongst family and friends with heavy Archontic infection, remember that they are infected.  They have a disease.  We don't judge people with diseases. Remember that you are dealing with an infection, not a person, and not your loved one.  You are probably the person who will dispatch that Archon back to Source someday.  So don't let any of the drama or prodding to engage in old discussions or debates trick you into an interaction that will only drain your energy.  Archons devour the energy that comes from conflicts.  Take the high road and just don't engage it.  You can maintain your calm, wise owl center and observe without being part of the strife.

Also today, the spirits of our ancestors are close to us.  Our feelings about people who have passed come through and affect us emotionally.  Our ancestors have ancient wisdom they wish to share, so pay attention to messages and intuitions.  The wisdom we seek was tapped long ago and is in plentiful supply.  We can reorient ourselves to gather to awaken old memories not just with people who are alive, but also those who have crossed over.  Today's energetics facilitate connecting with loved ones on the other side who have something to tell us.

That said, the past is powerful today.  It's never a good idea to linger too long in the past because we can become stuck there.  It's easy to do on holidays, like today in the US.  Losses are felt more keenly.

Remember that we are in a lunar month that is like a month-long Disseminating Moon phase, so sharing our thoughts, feelings, and ideas with those we trust is the goal.  When we share with others and take into consideration their opinions about our thoughts, feelings, and ideas, those thoughts, feelings, and ideas receive extra energy.  They are empowered by a little bit of "testing" with others.  It is critical to understand who you can actually trust.  The Black Moon always works to blend polarities, so when we are talking about the Black Moon moving into Virgo, we have to also address its opposite - the Black Moon in Pisces - the shadow of trust.  Black Moon in Pisces works to integrate the notion of trusting trustworthy people - those who truly care about us.  In other words, Black Moon in Pisces tends to trust people who don't deserve or haven't earned our trust.  It's always a paradox with the Black Moon.  The lesson is to learn to be vulnerable with people who care about us, not to be vulnerable with people who indicate they will hurt us.  We know the difference, but most of the time it's not the way we want it to be.  So we go into denial and trust the untrustworthy anyway.  Then we get hurt.  Groundhog Day again.  Let's do it differently.

Also, there's the potential for blame to be passed around today.  Don't take on board anything that is not your responsibility.

In an overall way, we tend to reassess our attitudes and ideals with today's energetic combination. 

Eastern mysteries (and their physical and mental practices) are also highlighted. 

Other themes involve bargaining things that should not be bargained because they have great value.  Don't bargain yourself off.  Instead, walk away.  The value is greater than what is being offered.

Thanksgiving is an American tradition, but the idea of being grateful and appreciative is universal.  Anyone on the planet can have Thanksgiving today.  It's not really about what you eat in celebration; it's about seeing the blessings and bounty of being alive and celebrating it.  It's quintessentially human.  We're still here after all attempts to the contrary.  We're still here and getting stronger every day.  We've overpowering darkness and pouring in the wave of light.  Don't forget this today if family or social interactions are focused on darkness and negativity.  They are just a little behind and haven't seen the truth of what's happening yet.

Thank you, everyone, for being a part of the parliament of wise owls with wings across the world dreaming the human component of Gaia Sophia's dream.  There is no better job in the galaxy, in my opinion.  I hope you all have a very happy day!