Wednesday, Novmber 26, 2014

Crescent Moon Phase: challenges

Moon in Aquarius

Skill: break free from constraints

Negative Imprint: stuck in the past, denial of what it obvious, egocentricity, hiding, argumentative, overly dramatic, overreaction

Positive Imprint: listening to the inner voice, being open to opportunities and invitations, revision

As the Black Moon spends her last day in the sign of Leo, the changes that she has delivered over the last nine months come into perspective. 

The mission of the Black Moon in Leo has been to break up stagnancy at the personal and global levels.  Situations, circumstances, systems, and routines that were a hindrance have changed.  Some of these changes came about abruptly.  All of them landed us in new territory.

Today we have an inner motivation for change.  Pluto moves to the 13th degree of Capricorn and the Sabian symbol of "a fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence."  Pluto will remain at this degree through December 27th, bringing the energy for highly focusing our personal resources - our energy.  This is also one of the degrees of the zodiac that prompts kundalini experiences.

Those with the Sun or Black Moon in Leo or Aquarius begin to experience what comes at the end of a Black Moon transit: rebirth.  The long process of intense self-reflection and integration of changes comes to an end and a revitalized version of ourselves begins to emerge.  This is the time that is like the phoenix rising from ashes and beginning its ascent.  An ascension in consciousness is delivered at the end of the Black Moon's transits.  Light returns.

Today we may need to refer to older books or information for guidance or assistance with deeper issues.  The message we need is found in sources that have age-old wisdom.  These are tried and true, trusted sources.

Also today, something from the past may cross our paths once again.  A feeling of exposure or vulnerability may come about because something from the past is revealed.  Has something been freed with this?  Has something been brought back to life?

As the shadow of the Black Moon in Leo clears, changes to the old order and structure of things become clearer, too.  We see a new reality emerging. 

It is, quite possibly, an ultimate reality.