Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Crescent Moon Phase: challenge

Moon in Capricorn

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

Skill: maintain a grounded connection with the Earth

Negative Imprint: neglect, false appearances, might over right, giving up, frustration, impatience, not accepting help

Positive Imprint: progress, determination, idealism, expression, declaration, strong bonds, the advancement of the collective

Strong astrological aspects are in play today.  There are chaotic elements and peaceful elements.  Since we know both are in operation, we can navigate between them.

The chaotic elements are energetically noisy and may require us to exert more effort to connect with higher sources.  More effort may be needed to drown out negativity.  I suggest everyone go outside and reinforce their grounded connection with Gaia Sophia today.  Do it multiple times if needed.

Most of the chaotic elements come from the conjunction of Mercury with Saturn today.  The exact conjunction occurs at 9:23 pm ET/2:23 am UT, but the energetics are in effect all day.  The planets are meeting at 27 degrees of Scorpio in the sky.  The Sabian symbol or energetic image of this degree is "a military band (tank?) marches noisily through the streets."

To add fuel to the fire and volume to the noise OR to add depth to the journey and amplification to the calm, whichever we choose to engage, the Moon will toggle from contact with Pluto toward contact with Mars.  The Moon makes a conjunction with Pluto early in the day, bringing up deep emotions.  The deep emotions build throughout the day and evening, as the Moon activates the energy of Mars, which prompts us toward action.

Ultimately, if we could take a long-range view, today's energy serves to forward feelings of dedication.

Remember that the overall theme for this lunar month is "homecoming" as the New Moon imprinted the energy of "retired army veterans gather to awaken old memories" that will be disseminated all month long.  This desire for a feeling of home is heightened today, adding power to nexus or bring together people with missions, ideas, projects, and mindsets in common.  Plans/blueprints for the future become visible or more real to us.

Even though it's a noisy day, the energetics are strong and can be used to accomplish the greatest feats.  We can cross chasms of the mind to take us from where we are to where we want to be.  We can transform an idea into a reality, a feeling into beauty.  Let's ground ourselves firmly today and aim for this with the energy.