Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Aries

Ruling Mahavidya: Tara (Goddess Who Guides)

Skill: focus time/energy on your body

Negative Imprint: immobilized by barriers, false impressions, restricting growth, clinging to what is familiar, suppressing emotions, resistance to moving forward

Positive Imprint: overcoming obstacles, enlightenment about something, connecting the left and right sides, excitement for the unknown and the possibilities it brings, results of inner change showing from hard work done over time, new spiritual understanding

Today's energy tends to take logic out of the mix and relies solely on emotions, intuition, and physical responses.  The goal is to get us very much "in body."  Reconnections with the body are strengthening it in preparation for an influx or an upgrade to levels of consciousness that will enter at the Full Moon and rain down like sparks throughout the remainder of the month.

The power to act, decide, or solve using logic just isn't going to be as effective today.  Today is a test of our intuitive muscles.  So don't push things that aren't making sense.  Leave them for a later time.  Walk away for a while and see if it starts to work better when you come back and look at it.

The energetics are happening this way to help us adjust to further expansion of consciousness.  Today's energy wants to help us overcome barriers, especially barriers that keep us from fully engaging life the way we would like.  There is ample power today for guidance through difficulties, courtesy of the Wisdom Goddess Tara.  She specializes in such work.  Fear is the greatest barrier to moving on and Tara is a guide through those storms.

In terms of archetypal energetics, last lunar month we were on a bus headed into new "territory."  We reached a place in consciousness where we could claim personal sovereignty and see a new way of life beginning to emerge.

This lunar month, we are "pioneering" through new territory (mental and physical territory).  Newly opened lands offer opportunities for experience - expansion of consciousness.  These experiences pass us by if our backs our turned and looking back into the past.  The Black Moon's recent entry into Virgo tends to have us spend too much time in the past, looking back, feeling a wince of failure and regret, and trying hard to learn from it so it won't happen again.  It doesn't have a chance of happening again if our mindset is in the past.  Nothing new can enter, so nothing more is lost. 

Much of the linking up or nexusing, as I call it, is happening at other levels of consciousness (as part of the merging of the two worlds - what we perceive as the "real" world and the world of spirit.)  This month is a cosmic huddle.  We "check in" with how we are managing to forward the various missions and what types of obstacles we are facing.  Plans and strategies are made.  You may remember dream fragments like this.  The "huddles" are taking place in what would be considered exotic places - like caves high up in mountains of the East, crystal structures that seem part of the Earth's core, the black woods of a forest, under the hot sun of an ancient city, or in what seems like an alien city.  This is how the "other" world - the one that we are blending with ours - works.

What happens in the dreamtime is then reflected in our waking world.  There are many names for the two worlds in the concept of merging, many of the names are scientific.  We need many types of names, words, and expressions to explain the concept.  It can be described through the arts of science, spirit, story, experiment, visionary creation, musical creation, digital creation, and healing.  It's shamanism in the age of re-enchantment of the world.

Overall, today's energy helps us overcome something that holds us back from pioneering into new lands of consciousness - new experiences of life.  Break away from the outworn and familiar.  A happier, better way is in the works.  Switch your perspective and see what happens.