Tuesday, December 22, 2014

New Moon Phase: initiate

Moon in Capricorn

Wisdom Goddess Instructor: Kali

Skill: keep sure footing

Negative Imprint: restrictive attitude, life storms, stopping midstream, denying growth, foolish choices when better ones are available, envy, vanity, narcissism, suppression of natural instincts, exaggerations

Positive Imprint: commitments, perseverance, moving the body, quiet contemplation, evolution of situations, new experiences and people, honesty, exploration, loosening up, revelations

Buzzkill Saturn moves into Sagittarius, opening a two-year period where Sagittarians will face their past, their choices, their responsibilities, their life structure and their perceived failures with these things.  Saturn in Sagittarius will try to teach us all about the meaning of life, the truth about ourselves, and how to be wiser.  It helps us find what we need to be happier, but it does it in the reverse by showing us what makes us unhappy.  Saturn is the home of the Archons, so the energy always is backward and upside down.

The good news is Saturn leaves Scorpio, the Underworld.  Saturn in Scorpio wreaked a lot of havoc.  It turned up a lot of ugliness in the world, bringing light, but horrifying us at times as well.  Saturn in Sagittarius will be a challenge for hard core Saturnian energy because Sagittarius wants to be free to soar to lofty heights and become masterful.  Saturn tends to restrict, wanting us to do things in proper order and follow proper protocol.  The collective of humanity is about to undergo a massive education about the truth of the world.  The truth about the things that Saturn in Scorpio revealed to us will now come to be understood at another level.

When Saturn moves to Capricorn in a couple of years, the natural world order will have taken hold over the dying world order, enabling the new world to show through.

Until that time, while Saturn is in Sagittarius, wise owls across the world become teachers.

But bringing it back to the present, today the Sun reaches the lovely degree of "the human soul in its eagerness for new experiences seeks embodiment."  This is love of life.  The desire for experience (and therefore wisdom) is strong today.  We feel like throwing off restrictions and inhibitions.  We desire something to be revealed to us.  We are also inclined to reveal to others.  Sweet temptations abound.

Mars and Venus are fueling eagerness for new relationship experiences with high octane.  Mars is at "two lovebirds sitting on a fence" and Venus is at "a girl surreptitiously bathing in the nude."  As relationships develop or undergo transformation with the dominant astrological energies right now, the desire to connect is driven from deep within our hearts.  Lone lovebirds of life can direct this instinct toward reconnecting with nature, the embodied Goddess Sophia, to alleviate the sadness that comes from feeling alone.  We are part of everything, so we are never alone.  It's hard to remember that sometimes.  Be gentle with yourself and go outside to reconnect, no matter what the weather.

We should also leave ourselves open to receiving messages from the world today, as we undergo a teaching about the circumstances of our lives.  Information to help us grow and be responsible for actualization of our fullest potential is arriving.

There is an alternation in the energy today that vacillates between the need for lightness and laughter and the need for seriousness.  Gauge each situation accordingly.  Some people will employ masks to hide what is actually happening.  The theme of revealing and exposing plays in here as well.

Today's energy calls for slow and steady.  Watch your footing.  We tend to be "out of our bodies" or somewhat dissociated today, so take extra care to stay firmly grounded and aware of your environment.  People will speed up today with Saturn moving to Sagittarius.  They are on the move and on a mission, so let's maneuver around that.

In the interests of keeping it real, today's energy can be a real struggle or a hardship on us.  That's the reality.  If we are stuck on the appearance of things, it will be even harder on us.  If we are not avoiding what is best avoided, the day is less fun.  The Wisdom Goddess Kali is our instructor and guide this month.  She will help us obliterate what haunts us.  Give her your ghosts and she will transform them into angels.