Wednesday, December 24, 2014

New Moon Phase: new beginnings

Moon in Aquarius

Wisdom Goddess Instructor: Kali

Skill: remain vigilant; focus on flickers of light

Negative Imprint: passive aggression, imbalance, push-pull situations, underhandedness, pay offs and pay backs, manipulation of money, power going to the head, not wanting to participate or share, shows of strength that are not based on anything real

Positive Imprint: explorations and discovery, protection, reliability, guardianship, new territory, shared values, universal brotherhood, leadership, solutions, heritage, symbols, representing yourself through creative endeavors, giving and receiving, shifts  

The starry skies tell us of a journey of the heart today, as the Sun reaches the degree of the Sabian symbol "a group of people entering a large canoe for a journey by water."

In the archetypal realm, water signifies emotions, so the journey today is likely to be an emotional one.

There is a unifying force in the mix, an undercurrent, that serves to bring many different things together.  If your emotions run the gamut, energetically you are integrating facets of yourself.  Various things (threads of our beliefs, values, and feelings) are being brought together.  This is happening to facilitate a turn, revision, reassessment, shift, transformation, and evolution of our lives.  It's part of a mass turn that is underway this month.

Issues may arise in the canoe, so to speak.  Arguments easily ensue today, as people tend to vie for control.  Words go deep.  Covert and double dealings also occur within these energetic signatures.  Things tend to be done when no one is looking.

Someone is looking though.  It's the Wisdom Goddess Kali, complete with a pack of ten ferocious, black dogs, and a parliament of thousands of wise owls.  Together, we are catalyzing a mass turn in consciousness.

Together, we should be watching bankers, corporations, and government (who are all the same people) today.  The temptation for opportunities for takeover is ripe.  Who will take the bait?  It's a trap, so anyone who succumbs to the "dark side" and tries to take power from the collective tribe will not fare well. 

On the individual level, think twice before getting into futile discussions.  If your conversations with that person always end in stalemate, walk away.  Use your energy elsewhere.

As all kinds of things come together today, Mercury will be coming together with Pluto and squaring Uranus (exact conjunction just before midnight Eastern time).  This combination brings transformational changes of the mind.  Information, messages, conversations, background noise, and various forms of communication are received to reform us inside and out.  We are compelled, called, harkened to shift.  It's an alchemical process, facilitated by heart fires and experienced by looking at firelight, as the conjunction occurs at the degree of "fire worshippers meditate on the ultimate realities of existence."  Our understanding of our ultimate reality of and for existence is settling in this month and today is a big part of that.

We are lots of things today - travelers in a big canoe and meditating fire worshippers.  We can handle it though.  We have Kali and a pack - a band of brothers - alongside.  We are vigilant.

(Note: I will be taking tomorrow off and will return to the Report on Friday.  Be aware that the Moon will move into Pisces tomorrow night, Christmas night, around midnight ET/5:00 am UT.  This will activate the Black Moon, providing two "Black Moon days" for Virgos, Pisceans, and those with the Black Moon in Virgo and Pisces.  Be aware that the shadows of fear of failure and vulnerability will be pressed.  Remember that the Black Moon brings symbolic death and rebirth.  Death to perceived failings and deep mistrust of others.  Rebirth to recognizing our own competence and who is truly trustworthy,)