Friday, December 26, 2014

Crescent Moon Phase: persevere

Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya: Kali

Skill: take or make opportunities

Negative Imprint:  dependence, fear of future, emotionally paralyzed, not sharing, projecting one's true feelings about self onto others, embarrassment, dangers of complacency, ungrateful, secrets coming out, judgmental, feeling defeated, expendable, control

Positive Imprint: destruction and transformation of the old, high levels of creativity, abundance of what we can't live without, sharing, groundwork, taking turns, carefree, and spontaneous, destiny

The starry skies conspire today to offer an opportunity that requires a leap of faith.  It isn't such a great leap, however, because whatever we need to make the leap is already present and available in our lives.  The question is whether or not we recognize it.

Questions and tests are part of what comes with the lunar cycle of the Great Wisdom Goddess Kali, the primary face of Gaia Sophia.  Big shifts happen during her month.  She asks us to turn to other things, particularly to turn away from the past because she is the Devourer of Time.  But she always provides whatever is needed to make the turn, to pass the test. 

How are you being tested?  What do you already have that you need to move forward?

There is much on which to build solid foundations.  Today Kali shows us that we do not necessarily need to take a leap of faith in order to get to somewhere else.  We can also build a bridge and walk across.  It just takes a little more time this way. 

You can jump to an entirely new place or you can progress there at a slower, steadier pace.  Either way works right now.  The point is to make a change - to shift your mindset, to turn toward more light, to dream a bigger dream.

To apply this information today, first take on board the notion that something inside of you is trying to change.  It's a natural, internal response to what's happening energetically and divinely.  It's a really good idea to figure out what this is so we can maximize the phenomenal energetics Kali brings over the remainder of the month.

 Next, take stock of your life and see what you already have around to facilitate the shift.  This usually comes about through looking at what we truly value and appreciate.  These are the things that will carry us forward.  They will walk right alongside us as we continue into the future, further into the Second Renaissance (which is life organized around a more natural way).

If we can accomplish these two things today, we are well prepared to receive the gift that Kali has to offer us this month.  And she's a big spender.

(Note for those with the Sun or Black Moon in Virgo or Pisces: The Moon will move out of Pisces Sunday at 1:35 am ET/6:35 am UT - ending this stage of rebirth.  Remember that this is an alchemical time - a time for transforming from what you used to be into what you are becoming.  Don't stare too long at the past.  Don't judge yourself too harshly.  We take responsibility for ourselves and our choices and actions, but we also now understand that a side factor has always been involved - archontic interference in place to thwart and divert.  Make sure to rest and take "down time" - or just sleep it off if needed.  Rest is the best medicine to alleviate the growing pains of the Black Moon.)