Tuesday, January 27, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Moon in Taurus

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi

Skill: be mindful of what is being projected and what is on display

Negative Imprint: stingy, "outing" something, inappropriate public displays, fear of change, depression, false fronts and pretense, wanting to quit, emotionally overwhelmed

Positive Imprint: availability, peace, appreciation, unwavering, burning desires, interchange and exchange, standards, uplifted, observant

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "an old adobe mission" (projecting into the future, spiritual retreat)

The word for the day is "projection."  This needs to be kept in mind in all things.  In general, there is a tendency to project the good, the bad, and the ugly onto others.  While this may not be what you are doing, someone may do it to you.  Look behind the scene of any dramatic interactions to see if someone was projecting their own feelings about themselves onto others or you.

"Projecting onto screens" is definitely a strong element in the energy right now.  The entire lunar month is about projecting into the future - setting up things that will develop later.  Venus moves into Pisces today, joining Neptune, Mars, and Chiron.  It's a Piscean sea full of love, beauty, creativity, spirituality, initiative, and wisdom. 

There's also a Piscean sea monster with tentacles of gloom, isolation, depression, anger, confusion, and wounding.

We can choose what we project onto the field of consciousness today.  Will we unleash the Kraken or swim like merpeople (mermaids, mermen...)?

Be particularly mindful of what you are watching this week.  I mentioned that this week is like Astrological Beauty Week, so we are naturally inclined towards things that catch our eye.  Television (the projection of a vision or message) screens (insertions to reality) are the primary method for controlling people.  Remember that it is a projection of a certain perspective of reality meant to exploit our natural, mammalian tendency to model or mimic what we see.

Today also foreshadows the next lunar month, with Venus activating the degree today.  Venus will "set-up" events that will unfold with February 18th's New Moon.

What's on display?  That's the thing for each of us to watch in our own lives and in our world today.

(An aside:  In the United States, New England has certainly become a captive audience for what's being projected on television with the shutdown from the anticipated super storm [that wasn't].  This area is on the Arcadia ley line that I've talked about before that has been so heavily imprinted with fear, grief, terror and death - traumas.  This area is ripe for a violence that may be staged as part of this weekend's big football game, since one of the teams hails from New England.  It could also be imprinting an energetic that will repeat at the next New Moon.  This storm was most likely geo-engineered, and poorly so.  Remember the Sabian symbol energetic last week of trying to control the forces of nature?  The new world order has not figured out it cannot control Mother Nature.  But this area has been targeted for a reason, so we watch for what might have been exchanged, orchestrated, or fixed while everyone went home.  The major cities of the Northeast shut down early yesterday.  The Associated Press today reports, "Light snow fell steadily early Tuesday in midtown Manhattan as a few municipal trucks rumbled down empty streets.  The city had an almost eerie, post 9/11 feel to it: No airplanes in the sky.  An unexpected quiet."  Was this a ritual to reinforce past rituals and to set the stage for a future one?  One thing for sure:  whoever owns the trucking companies hired by the state departments of transportation is making a killing from New England to the mid-Atlantic.  Wise owls know to always follow the money.  And the Sabian symbols!)