Wednesday, January 28, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, take action

Moon in Taurus/Gemini (5:36 pm ET/10:36 pm UT)

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi

Skill: follow the transformation

Negative Imprint: blowing things out of proportion and blowing up, bullying, victim mentality, overcautious, hiding one's light, impatience, disguise, selling out

Positive Imprint: intelligence (as in intel), observation, magnetic attraction, rising above, acceptance, patience, things that are worthwhile, cautious, overcoming

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "an old adobe mission" (projecting into the future, spiritual retreat)

Today is a day of metamorphosis - change of mind set.  Things change shape right before our eyes.

Like wise owls high up in a tree, our eyes watch what unfolds today from different perspective.  The mechanics of the stars are working to transform something from one thing to another.  It's shamanic shape-shifting of the highest caliber.  If we are paying attention, the energy is designed in such a way that before the sun rises again, wisdom enters and we see something about ourselves, others, our lives, or our world entirely differently.  Spiritual energy is inspiring the transformation.

This brings a grand opportunity to empower ideas, projects, goals, visions, missions, wishes, and dreams.  All that is required is attention.  Direct some of your energy into something that you want to bloom.  Take some sort of action with it.  Give it some love.

Creativity is rising to massive peaks, thanks to the muse that accompanies the energy of Mercury retrograde while Venus makes conjunction with Neptune.  This dynamic continues through Sunday.  Lucky us!

We've had a few days lately with energies that harkened back to previous lunar months.  Today the themes from the Aquarius 2014 cycle, which began on January 30, 2014 (remember the Supermoon?) and was in effect for most of February.  Consider this in context to what you didn't think you were capable of then and where you are now.  How has the shape of that shifted with time?

First Quarter Moon phases are about stepping out of our comfort zone and entering into new territory.  Trees teach us this.  Don't hold yourself back.  Share.

Shamanic shape-shifting is spiritual business.  As we watch things morph into something else today, let's reinforce our connection with Gaia Sophia by spending some time with the eye candy of nature.  Follow what you are attracted to because there are magnetic pulleys in place drawing us toward people, places, and things that are important for our future.  Shape shift into a wise owl up in a tree, eyes peeled on everything.