Friday, January 9, 2015

Disseminating Moon Phase: share, communicate

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Kali

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe" (self-empowerment and personal sovereignty)

Skill: sing

Negative Imprint:  lack of commitment, false fronts, emotional manipulation, not walking the talk, emphasis on the superficial, failing to allow changes, charades

Positive Imprint: receptivity, breaking free, romance, building confidence, coming out, groups, walking the talk, inner beauty showing on the outside

The Disseminating Moon phase enters today.  This is the time of the lunar month that is naturally-attuned to communicating our thoughts, feelings, and ideas with others and listening to others' thoughts, feelings, and ideas.  It's a time of feedback, and we often receive it in subtle ways through symbols and synchronicities.  The Universe tries to deliver us messages.

All of this is heightened today with the Sun reaching the degree of the Sabian symbol "a hidden choir singing during a religious service."

So wise owls will pay attention to what's going on in the background - background noise, background conversation.  But let's also look for signs and messages in other ways - ways that show that a hidden hand is at work.  Animal sightings are major indicators.  If you are newer to the Oracle Report, I often recommend Ted Andrews' book Animal Speak for interpreting messages from the Animal Kingdom.

There is an element in play with this where we can listen to vocals or music and be taken on a ride (float) to a higher frame of consciousness.  The "place" we are taken enables us to receive and understand the message that is trying to reach each of us today.  The message is related to this lunar month's theme of stepping into more of who we really are - stepping straighter into our personal power.  We are claiming more of ourselves and claiming more of the dream we are collectively dreaming.

"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream" (Edgar Allan Poe) and today our dream wants to move towards a fantasy.  Day-dreaminess accompanies the energy, helping us to be in an intuitive, receptive state of mind, and therefore well-positioned to be in range to receive messages from "on high."  The way our dreamy stream of consciousness runs tells us much.  Where does your attention  keep drawing you?

As Kali's lunar month continues, energetics continue to help us awaken to a greater sense of ourselves.  Things are trying to be expressed, birthed, and transmuted.  Our value systems are being overhauled and restored in a new way.  New ways of fulfillment are being found.  New standards are being set.  Many new things are emerging.

The Moon made conjunction with the Black Moon earlier today, so those with the Sun or Black Moon in Virgo or Pisces will feel the effects.  This is one of the eighteen stages of rebirth for these particular wise owls and it happens twice a month while the Black Moon transits Virgo (through August 25, 2015).  Shadow sides come out for healing and integration during these stages. 

Everyone's personal Black Moon is activated today and tomorrow, but it is most pronounced for those with the Sun or Black Moon in Virgo or Pisces.  People in general tend to project their own core fear (as identified by the natal Black Moon - see the Appendix of my free e-book at onto others.  What someone is telling you may very well be about themselves.  Issues related to feelings of failure and success, incapability and capability, and trust and mistrust (of others and self), as well as spiritual disconnectedness and connectedness are thematic.

We are singing our dream for the world into existence today.  What are you singing, wise owl?