Thursday, January 8, 2015

Full Moon Phase: fulfillment, realization, insight

Moon in Leo/Virgo (6:00 pm ET/11:00 pm UT)

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Kali (The Reckoner)

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe" (self-empowerment, personal sovereignty)

Skill: maintain balance and perspective

Negative Imprint: trendiness and conformity, destructiveness, overloading, burdens, stopping before you even start, rigidly following rules, forcing, being bound without understanding it

Positive Imprint:  creativity, innocence, loyalty, unity, growth, preparation, creative impulses, rest, uniqueness, expressing self in a new light

The nature of today's energy is to push things beyond their normal or specified limits.  We find ourselves going above and beyond what is usual or expected because we are seeking something more.  Care should be taken to ensure that things do not become overloaded - that we and others are not overloaded.

Without awareness, the day would typically progress like this:  For some reason personal to each of us, we would begin to take on more and more today.  This would be more and more of anything - responsibilities, tasks, feelings, beliefs, duties, food, etc.  This would build all day, causing considerable imbalance.  Then, the Moon will move into Virgo this evening, activating the Black Moon and disseminating energy that makes us feel like we are a failure, that we are not capable of what we thought, and that we are repeating mistakes.  After this sets in, we would "carry" the residue of it until the Moon moves out of Virgo Sunday at 11:00 am ET/4:00 pm UT.  That's a lot of days feeling of feeling down on ourselves.

It would be a waste, so since we are wise to it, let's not do it this way.  In fact, there is a beautiful energetic signature in play today with Venus that promotes finding new ways.  The desire for new ways is strong.

The solution to the dilemma is to maintain balance.  Balance work and play today.  Do as good of a job as you can when it is time for work, but factor in time for play/relaxation.  If you tend to over-do the work side of things generally, factor in extra play/relaxation time today to compensate.  And, if we are really wielding the energy, we can find ways to blend work and play together so there is not such a stark contrast.  This is achieved with a playful attitude mixed with respect for responsibilities.  We take things seriously, but we keep it real. 

Sometimes people take their worlds too seriously.  If no one is bleeding or breaking down, it will probably be alright.  Maintain perspective.  Remember what is truly valuable.

As we are looking for ways to do things differently today, we also gather a lot of information.  We see how we can combine certain things to make them better or more efficient.  We see how we can re-purpose things.  How is an old purpose made new again?  What can be salvaged for restoration?  How can it be modified to become current or functional?  How can it be more relevant?

The energy also motivates us to express things today.  Creative expressions, heartfelt expressions, and physical expressions try to surface today.  Things that have been churning under the surface are coming out.  It's a wonderful day to bring something inside of you to the outer world.

A note on yesterday's report and the shootings in Paris, as I had many people email me with questions.  I do not know that the London-based arm of the archontically-controlled new world order minions are responsible.  I posed the question and a possible answer.  Certainly the shooters did not follow typical jihadi-style protocols because they were alive to leave the scene.  Most real jihadis blow themselves up.  I think this is more about creating an event to distract from the fact that Prince Andrew has been implicated in the global human sex trafficking network (and possibly ensaring the Clintons as well).  All of this is courtesy of Kali.  If you did not catch that this has come out, here is a (poorly edited) mainstream media account:

I am aware that there are reports that the attack was perpetrated by Mossad, but Mossad was created by London/Rothschild and is still controlled by London/Rothschild.  The whole nest of vipers is controlled by London/Rothschild, thus my noting that the Sun reached the degree of the Sabian symbol of "the Union Jack flies over a new British warship" yesterday.  Let's keep our eyes on the bigger picture.