Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Full Moon Phase: realizations, clarity

Moon in Taurus/Cancer (2:24 am ET/6:24 am UT Thursday)

Goddess of Wisdom: Kali - Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

God of Will/Desire: Elias - God of the West, God of Alchemy

Skill: follow the path that is lit for you

True Alignments: stability, brilliant ideas, overcoming distance, helping others, building the Second Renaissance, working hard for what is truly rewarding, collaboration, mysteries

Catalysts for Change: instability, "strikes," temptation, greed, comparing self with others, in a battle with one's emotions, trying to dominate, bragging or believing the hype

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month:  "a Jewish rabbi performing his duties"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

The Full Moon phase of the Great Mirror in the Sky continues.  The energetics are complex, but the simple trail of truth leads right through it.  Here are some of the things and themes that would tend to cross our path today:

1) A RESCUE - The Earth moves to the location of "a bridge built across a gorge."  A bridge out of deep emotions is exactly what we would want during a Moon phase (especially a Full Moon phase!) at the Chiron Point (degree where wounding, healing, and teaching are activated).  In astrology, Chiron "rules" bridges, particularly Rainbow Bridges.  So if you feel like you've been "going under" with anything (emotional states, relationship issues, work issues, family issues), energy for rescue and resuscitation is in effect today.  The Great Mirror reflects the light of healing along the full spectrum. 

2) SEPARATION AND DIVIDE/CONQUER - The Sun discharges the energetic of "a gold rush tears men from their native soil." Temptation about the grass being greener somewhere else often arises with this energy.  Things can seem too good to be true.  We learn discernment when this energetic is in play.  If important decisions need to be made, being bold works out well if your intentions hold integrity.  If not, it will likely be a bust.  The heart of this symbol is about home and what "home" is to us, means to us, and feels to us.  We are all on a journey home (with our patroness-habitat Gaia Sophia), but sometimes we are taken far away from what makes us feel at home.  Today's energy wants to re-establish the inner hearth fires by showing us what and how well we value what we hold dear.

3) COMPETITION - Venus is located at "a swimming race" and Mars is still located at "a girls basketball team."  This will play out primarily in relationships, with issues or challenges coming to light or continuing to come to light so that the truth of them is revealed.  People, places, and things are in the spotlight of the Great Mirror in the Sky.  If things go "sideways," remember to value yourself.

4) MESSAGES AND INFORMATION ABOUT THE FUTURE - Today Mercury disseminates the energy of "a rooster's voice heralds the rising Sun with exuberant tones."  What is on the horizon for you?  What would bring exuberance?  Newness, in all its forms, comes with today's energy.  Breath returns and opens hearts.  What speaks its way to you today?  It may be quite dramatic.

The "parliament of wise owls" of Oracle Report readers continues to grow, and with it so does our focus on "holding the space" while intense energetics re-shuffle the field of experience - the nature of reality for humanity.  We observe from the position of the old owl in the tree, watching and learning, ready to respond to the call of beauty, love, truth, and freedom.  These things we hold dear.  They are "home" to us, where all trails lead back.