Thursday, October 29, 2015

Full Moon Phase: illumination, fulfillment, shadow side, realization

Moon in Gemini

Goddess of Wisdom: Kali - Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

God of Will/Desire: Elias - God of the West

Skill: practice balance and forward movement

True Alignments:  acceptance of others as they are, admiration, admissions or confessions of truth, change of mindset, seeing clearly, shared impulses, renewal of respect or self-respect, going under the surface

Catalysts for Change: elitism, judgmental, selfish, feelings of meaninglessness, stealing money or happiness, forsaking the self, hyperactive, imbalance, hiding behind a poor excuse

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "a Jewish rabbi performing his duties"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

The Full Moon phase continues and the Great Mirror in the Sky continues to shine the light of reflection.  Today, reflection, realization, and illumination comes from deep places to bring balance and forward movement:

SUN: "deep sea divers" - When a planet reaches this degree, we most always have to look under the surface or the veneer of things to make sense of them.  When the Sun reaches this degree, it brings things up from the depths.  The people in the symbol are not snorkelers, they are divers.  They are capable of diving many fathoms,  perhaps, in order fathom many things.

EARTH: "a woman of Samaria comes to draw water from the well" - When we return to "the well," we come to replenish ourselves.  This symbol involves returning to our true selves or returning to our true Source, especially when we are running dry or running low.  Deep sea divers would certainly be qualified to investigate the well and what's down there.

But deeper analysis of the symbol involves admitting something, possibly something related to our shadow side.  All bodies of water can reflect, like a mirror, and show us ourselves.  During a Full Moon, there is ample light for this.  We return to the sources of matters in order to clear them and wash them away with unconditional love (the source spring for the well).

With Mars located at "a royal coat of arms enriched with precious stones," the facets of our souls shine brilliantly and help us remember who we are at heart when we face ourselves in the reflection of the well.

VENUS: "a caravan of cars headed for promised lands" - This energy brings people who are like-minded or in resonance closer together.  Often they come from distant places.  There is common vision and people are moving toward it.  The symbol is about moving, in all forms.  Moving forward, moving in line, moving on is the essence of this symbol, but no one is alone.  There is a caravan, others following along, too.

MERCURY: "a third wing on the left side of a butterfly" - This energetic helps us recognize what is out of balance.  The symbol implies over-development of the right side of the brain, which is the more emotional, creative, or intuitive side. A more logical mindset helps to offset any imbalances that we have right now.  Imbalances would include unrealistic expectations.

We may need to dive below the surface once again to move out of confusion, chaos, or crisis to get to the source of things.  We can draw upon that source for whatever we need to be balanced and well.  The Source is limitless.