Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Crescent Moon Phase: persevere

Moon in Taurus

Ruling Wisdom Goddess:  Kamala (Goddess of Assurance)

Skill: address the needs of self and others

Positive Imprints: enjoying the presence of others, doing something a different way, recognition of service, renewed hope, escaping a restriction

Catalysts for Change: hopeless, rushing, pressure, power hierarchies, trapped, frustration, elitism, loss of faith

Sabian Symbol or the Lunar Month: "a crowded public marketplace" (human interchange and exchange; expressions of self and creativity)

Today is the last day of the Crescent Phase of the Moon, the time of the lunar cycle that presents challenges.  The days of the Crescent Moon phase test our dedication to anything that was "seeded," intended, or happening during the New Moon Phase.  During Crescent phase, the seed that was planted opens, struggling to find its way upward and into the light.

Tomorrow, with the First Quarter Moon phase, the seedlings pop through the ground, ready to burst into growth and toward flowering.

Today, we persevere.  We continue upward with the knowledge that we are, in the natural cycle of life, headed toward more light.  More light means solutions can be seen.

If you having been dealing with troubles, worries, distresses, or challenges over the past few days of the Crescent phase, there is a spiritual force in place today to airlift you out of that.  This force is the Wisdom Goddess Kamala and she is not only real, but she is part of an even greater force.  Kamala never leaves anyone behind.  She scoops up everyone and brings them forward.  If you desire, she will oblige.  In your mind's eye (or even better with your actual eyes) , picture a flower.  Then take a deep breath and release the worries on the outbreath.  Turn them over to Kamala.  She will rework the issues so that we have a different vantage point with these things for the First Quarter Phase.

There is an energetic signature today that may find us feeling like we are repeating things, even repeating mistakes.  Instead of looking at the "failure" of something, think about what type of intervention or change is possible at this time.  We are not the same people we were the last time this signature was in place (heavily six months ago and one year ago).  We are stronger and wiser and capable of doing things differently.

Another energetic in place is the tendency to see things or see someone as less than we previously thought.  Most likely this is related to our own wishes about what we ourselves want to be.  When we project our own desires onto others, we tend to be harsh when we feel they are not living up to it.  This is unfair.  Be gentle with people today.  There is no pushing in the crowded public marketplace.

The highest expression of today's energy comes from recognizing and balancing our own needs and the needs of others.  This theme repeats within multiple Sabian symbols today, and is a worthy endeavor.

Remember, never fear, a Wisdom Goddess is here!  And like Underdog, she champions those who are trying to do the right thing and arrives just when they need it.