Wednesday, February 25, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase: take action

Moon in Gemini

Ruling Wisdom Goddess:

Skill: keep things from blowing out of proportion

Positive Imprints: understanding that new things take time to develop and master, remembering something you like to do, simplicity, taking action, solution-focused, integration of differences, many projects and ideas mentally loaded into the field, choosing yourself, things that can change your life

Catalysts for Change: constant re-starts, lack of motivation, jealousy, total reversals, narcissism, surrendering to the ideas of powerlessness and hopelessness, wanting to be chosen, trying to please everybody, not taking the other side or point of view into account, mental noise, overly-competitive within a group, divide and conquer tactics

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "a crowded public marketplace" (human interchange and exchange; personal expressions and creations)

Today in the sky above the "crowded public marketplace," two major events are happening. 

First, the Black Moon will move to the 11th degree and the Sabian symbol of "a boy molded in his mother's image of him."  The shift happens all day, but enters fully at 2:34 pm ET/7:34 pm UT.  This energy presses on any places where we seek the approval, validation, or acceptance  of others.  This energetic signature is amplified by the Moon in Gemini because this is the quintessential issue of Gemini (and most particularly those with the Black Moon in Gemini).  How well we feel we are living up to our own standards and expectations, as well as other's standards and expectations for us, is playing out at the Theatre in the crowded public marketplace.  It's a drama for sure, with deep swells of emotions and fast currents of rejection potentially running amuck.

Second, the Sun will meet up with Neptune today at the degree of "a girl blowing a bugle."  The Sun conjunct Neptune in Neptune's home sign of Pisces makes this a very significant day.  Much is being "loaded in" to the field from higher spiritual sources.  Spiritual information is being delivered  to each of us, courtesy of the Divine Masculine, which has been pivoting off of Neptune's energetics for over a year now.  The spiritual information that is being delivered to us tells us what we need to do to stand up on the inside.  Do we need to bring inner balance by being more receptive or by being more active or both?  A sort of energetic "call" is going out into the world and into our inner world.  It is an energetic ripple through the collective that will prompt or set off reactions - deluges.  On all levels, today's events will serve as a prophetic forecast for the future.  This energy is strong all day and builds to exact conjunction at 11:34 pm ET.

The issue to be aware of is the vast potential for things - anything - to be blown out of proportion under these two factors.  And since other symbols of the degrees of the planets today give a heads up that perhaps the girl is not quite adept at the bugle just yet, and likely blaring a good deal of dissonance.  Perhaps it's this assault on our ears and senses that wakes us up saying "Make it stop!"  Perhaps this is what we need to help us see something and solve something.

It will be interesting to see what or who floods onto the world stage of the crowded public marketplace's Theatre today.  On our own stage, we take care to understand the difference between what is being blown out of proportion as a release of suffering and what is blown out of proportion as a tantrum.  One is real and the other is fake.  One aims to free and one aims to control (others).

The Sun and Neptune together in Pisces gives maximum light for spiritual connection and expressions of creativity.  It's sublime and divine.  It's a wondrous day.