Thursday, February 26, 2015

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out of the comfort zone

Moon in Gemini

Ruling Wisdom Goddess:  Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands/Blows the Mind)

Skill: remain centered and look ahead

Positive Imprints: adjustments, re-working, individuality, uniqueness, putting together something that has puzzled you, going against the traditional grain, images of the future, creative expressions (especially with paint)

Catalysts for Change: social class systems, insincerity, uncompromising, feeling drained, overly competitive, getting nowhere, one-sided, continually needing to regain footing, comparisons to others

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "a crowded public marketplace" (human interchange and exchange, markets, expressions and displays of self)

Today's energy is all about looking ahead, but before we time travel, a brief account of the present keeps us grounded and keeps things real.

Things move quickly today.  The wise owls in a tree (the Sabian symbol for the degree of Saturn right now) shape shift into road runners, like the one wise owl Lawrence encountered this past weekend.  Road runners are ground birds.  They rarely fly.  Bu they can run 18 miles an hour!  In Animal Speak, Ted Andrews writes that road runners symbolize "opportunities to plan and set these plans into motion."  In other words, "load in" - the theme for this lunar month. 

This month, we are loading our intentions not only into the collective consciousness of humanity (the "crowded public marketplace") but we are also loading our hopes, wishes, dreams, projects, and goals into the next astrological year (which, by the natural count of time, begins April 18).

Today, Venus arrives at the degree that streams in threads of inspiration, ideas, solutions, information, intentions, and knowledge to us.  The energy is designed to stimulate our minds with new and even radical thoughts.  These may seem quite foreign or alien (and they are) because they come from a completely different energetic.  It's a very ancient energetic that is returning to awareness as part of the Second Renaissance.  Be open to people, places, things, and ideas that are different from your normal experience.

Now let's speed into the future.  There are two days that are highlighted for us:  Saturday, February 28 and Wednesday, March 4.

On Saturday, February 28, the Sun will be moving into exact opposition with the Black Moon.  This transit triggers everyone's shadow side to come out.  If we are not aware of our core fear, we react to the circumstances and events of the day through projecting our own fear onto others.  There are only a couple of days a year when the Sun makes an aspect with the Black Moon, and it can bring out the best or the worst in people.  It will heavily involve themes of expectations (our own and others), levels of trust and vulnerability (or lack thereof), and perceived failures.  However, it brings solutions to these themes, as well.  In the end, the Black Moon always leaves us with a gift.

There are also multiple, significant astrological aspects in play Saturday, not least of which is Pluto's move to a new degree in the sky.  Uranus, Pluto, the Moon, and the Moon's Nodes will form a different sort of Grand Cardinal Cross for five hours between 7:00 am - noon ET/ noon - 5:00 pm UT.  Events that are taking place, which likely involve changes, contribute to the future - destiny.

The main energetic of this mini Grand Cardinal Cross comes from Uranus and the Sabian symbol of  "an Indian weaving a blanket."  The threads of inspiration, intention, and knowledge that stream in today are being woven into something larger.  We are "weaving" blankets of protection, freedom, and creativity into the collective.  We are blanketing the field.

The things we are "loading in" (the mindset we are holding) creates the way your piece of the blanket looks.  How is yours looking right now?

As I am "running" out of time here, a quick glance at the other date, Wednesday, March 4 shows massive intensity as Venus will make conjunction with Uranus, both in square to Pluto with Jupiter making a trine.  Blow past the astrology and just remember to start "loading in" some awareness now that we will be called to "hold the line" because it's life and game-changing energy, which tends to spin things out of control.

Though the day is speedy, we will keep a good stride, knowing what's ahead.