Friday, February 6, 2015

Full Moon Phase:  realization, enlightenment

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Wisdom Goddess: Matangi (Goddess of Wind)

Skill: view the energy and view your life today as an experiment

Positive Imprint: discovery, revelation, liberation, inner strength, clearing, back to basics, seeing simplicity within complexity, valor, following new impulses, adventures

Catalyzing Imprint: confusion, restlessness and inertia, self-sabotage,

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "an old adobe mission" (projecting plans into the future, spiritual retreat)

The last day of the Full Moon phase is a big one, as the Sun will move to opposition with Jupiter and exponentially expand the complexity of the day's energy.  Jupiter excels at this, and with the full force of the Sun with it, the power for revelations is at maximum.  Exact opposition occurs at 1:15 pm ET/6:15 pm UT.

In astrology, oppositions (when planets are 180 degrees apart) are equivalent to Full Moon phases, the time when the fullest amount of light is available.  It's also the time when we can go a little crazy with Full Moon fever.

Since Jupiter expands all that it touches, this last day of Full Moon fever can spread like a virus (viruses are empowered with this energetic, incidentally.  Not good for the latest attempt by the unnatural world order with infectious disease here in the US - measles - and the continued war on children.).  Outbreaks of all kinds can occur.  Break outs, mix ups, shake ups, wake ups, break ups, come with this volatile energy.

Jupiter is located at the degree of  the Sabian symbol "a chemist conducts an experiment for his students," so the mix ups, shake ups, and wake ups, etc. are designed to teach us something. 

The Sun is located at the degree of the Sabian symbol "a man being unmasked at a masquerade."  We face ourselves with this energy.

With the opposition of the Sun and Jupiter today, we are learning something about ourselves.

The other ingredients mixed into the (al)chemical base today are the Moon and the Black Moon.  These two are trying to initiate and develop something within us.  The energy is related to discipline, practice, and focus.  But the combination of both of these moving through Virgo right now tends to make us very, very hard on ourselves. 

Since the energetic of the Sun is to show us something about ourselves and the energetic of Jupiter is expanding and mixing up things to highest proportion, the high potential for really beating ourselves up and feeling like we are failures follows suit.

The volatility of this energy de-stabilizes people, places, and things.

Mercury will contribute an ingredient of possible shock and awe, which is designed to clear the air of things that have built up.  There is a suddenness to events.

The highest view of today's energy is one of acceptance of what is being revealed, mixed, and shaken.  View the energy and view yourself as an experiment.  The purpose of an experiment is to learn something or discover something.  This is our goal today.  Of all things, facing ourselves seems to required the most bravery.  Today we are wise AND brave owls.

(Note:  After considering a question from a wise owl Fernando on Andrew's Oracle Report Facebook community about how the "negative" imprints for the day often are things that enable us to move into the "positive" imprint or learn something, I am prompted to change the heading of "negative imprint" to "catalyzing imprint."  I couldn't agree more, Fernando, and it is a nuance that deserves discussion.  Recognizing that we are in a "negative" imprint mode, instead of staying there, we can continue the flow with the realization that an opportunity -  a catalyst - for change has opened.  We are in a point of power at that moment.  Let's experiment with it.)

(Note for Virgos, Pisceans, and those with the Black Moon in Virgo or Pisces:  Hold tight.  The Moon will move out of Virgo and into Libra on Saturday at 1:44 pm ET/6:44 pm UT.  This month's go around with the Moon and the Black Moon has come under very intense energetics, amplifying the shadow side.  Full Moons amplify anyway, but the aspect of the Sun and Jupiter are blowing things far out of proportion.  Emotional destabilization, deconstruction, and dismantling is happening for you in order to bring you to a higher state of consciousness and develop untapped power and talent within you.  It does not come easily, but you can ease the situation through acceptance.  Minimize the self-judgment because that will become a mental loop that is hard to escape.  Accept without self-judgment.  And then endeavor to do better.  That's what the Black Moon in Virgo does - it does better.  Remember that you are undergoing massive regeneration through August 25, 2015.  Then...look out world.  Those of creative service are birthing the Second Renaissance.)