Monday, April 13, 2013

Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign

Moon in Aquarius

Wisdom Goddess: Kali

Skill: triangulate (find the missing piece)

Positive Imprints: compassion for self and others, ability to triage, bringing light to darkness, opportunities from out of the blue, revising expectations, balance, confidence, beauty of form

Catalysts for Change: disappointment, expecting too much of self and others, emotionally overwhelmed, obsession, telling others what to do, overworking, putting up barriers

The Sun is becoming active again with not just one sunspot, but a group of them clustered together with "several dark cores as large as Earth" according to  They forecast a 55% chance for an M-class flare and a 20% chance for an X-class flare today. 

It is not surprising that the Sun is coalescing energy now, as we are in the final days of this natural/astrological year in preparation for a massive re-setting of the field of consciousness.  A full sweep of old energetics is happening in advance of the New Moon on Saturday, April 18 at the degree of the Sabian symbol "the music of the spheres."  The Sun, Moon, and Earth will reset, but so will the energetics of all of the bodies in the solar system.  It's joyful noise.

Music is math, and today the Wisdom Goddesses wish us to consider a spiritual mathematics.  They wish us to "triangulate" our lives.  This means look for piece that is missing.  They hope that we can see that the "missing piece" is not missing at all.  A spiritual power, in whichever way you understand it, is always in place to form the balance and the guidance.

This is important today because as outworn beliefs, feelings, and systems are disempowered and swept for the field of experience, human psyches tend to go into a state of flux, disequilibrium, and transition. It can set us off balance.

There is a concerted effort to derail or impede the recalibration of the music of the spheres, a process in which humanity plays an integral part.  The most effective way to do this is to block or cut off our inner spiritual connection.  This is happening on many fronts, primarily through mechanical manipulation of the resonant fields of the Earth.

This means we go deeper, look harder, find our line, and hold it.  We turn to Nature to reinforce our connection.  No matter what state the skies are in above you - gloomy, gooey, glowing, or glorious - Nature is there.  Nature is always the "go to."  Trace back.  Triangulate.

(Note: Flooding emotions and the projection of shadow sides is heavily in place in advance of the Moon's move into Pisces (activating the energies of the Black Moon) at 4:13 pm ET tomorrow and continuing until the New Moon on Saturday.  This will amp up on Wednesday, as "Balsamic" energy enters with the Balsamic Moon phase.  It's double Balsamic energy to release and clear because it is the Balsamic phase of two lunar months that have been like month's long Balsamic phases.)