Saturday, April 11 - Sunday, April 12, 2015

Third Quarter Moon Phase: complete, revise

Moon in Capricorn

Wisdom Goddess: Saturday: Dhumavati    Sunday:  Matangi

Skill: open up the field

Positive Imprints: determination to complete, anticipation of the new, gifts and rewards, opportunities, seeing the true form or measure of things, the power of intention, happiness, joy, celebration with others, removing barriers, things coming to fruition

Catalysts for Change:  worry, creating barriers, self-denial, desperation, seeking recognition, stifling one's feelings, insincerity, facades, indecision, cover ups, over-burdened

The Sabian symbols of the degrees of the planets this weekend involve blowing the field of possibility wide open.  It's airy energy, designed to help us see within, see through, and see beyond.  The power of intention is exceptionally high, as if the future beckons us to dream a grander dream with an infusion our hopes and wishes.

Saturday begins the Third Quarter Moon phase, which is a series of days that favor closing out, completing, or revising things we don't want to carry into the next lunar month.  The next lunar month begins next Saturday, April 18, and is the beginning of the new astrological year.  Between now and then, in collaboration with spiritual sources, we are ploughing the field of consciousness of the old and outworn.  We prepare for the promise of the new.

As far as your imagination can take you is how far you want to project intentions into the future.  There sky is the limit.  In fact, the farther we can imagine, the better because, as I've discussed all month, an epic cycle of time is resetting with the New Moon, erasing the grind of an outworn past of power and control systems, beliefs, and structures.  It's a Second Renaissance.

Here are points for consideration with the "currents" of this weekend's energies:

-What do you desire?  Is it something you have denied yourself?  Do you feel you deserve it?  Would it nourish you?

-What needs to open up?  Is it time to do something to clear a situation?  Does something need refreshing or brought back to life?

-What do you want to see?  How do you want the world of the future to be?  What comes to fruition?

-What burdens need to be unloaded?  Can you share it with someone?  Does something need to be revealed or removed from shadow?  Does it keep you from being fully present in the experience of life?

-Is there room for mystery - the unknown - to enter?  Can you create space inside yourself that is a place holder for something beautiful to come your way?  This involves trust.  And hope.  And belief.

-Can you simultaneously hold the paradox of simplicity within complexity?  This is a true art.  It involves immersing yourself in the complex machinations of life and actualization of personal potential while following the line of simplicity that runs through it.

This time of year brings the strongest spiritual connection possible.  The veils between the worlds are indeed thinnest.  Mystics revel while walls come down.

(Keep finding beauty, wise owls, and when you do, snap a photo and send it in.)