Friday, April 10, 2015

Disseminating Moon Phase: share. communicate

Moon in Capricorn

Wisdom Goddess: Shodashi (The Goddess of Beauty)

Skill: find beauty

Positive Imprints : determination, cooperation and collaboration with others, like minds coming together, imagination, foreseeing the future, positive outcomes, working toward a goal

Catalysts for Change: battles, manipulation of natural frequencies, judgmental, invading personal space and mind, taking all the credit for team effort

What will you hit upon today?  The energy is all about hits - hitting it off, hitting things hard, hitting a tune, hitting the mark, and maybe even hitting a wall.

The Sun reaches the 21st degree of Aries, the Eris Point, the location in the sky where the planet Eris was located when it was discovered.  This point in space/time contains powerful energetic signatures with some of the following themes: true love, rebirth, freedom of the mind, breaking free of chains, the fight against tyranny, Oneness, finding light hidden by darkness, destruction of power and control systems, journeys to face the shadow side, and core fears.

The planet was discovered in 2005, ushering a decade of awakening to truth hidden in shadows.  Since then, the obfuscation of our personal power has been fading.  This is culminating now as the old feelings, restrictions, systems, and beliefs that are not in alignment with our highest and best interests are falling away to reveal truth.  With this, the truth of who we really are - powerful beings - emerges.

The way this is happening is different for each of us and is directed primarily by the way the planets are affecting our personal astrology charts.  For some, the falling away of the old feels like a pummeling, pounding, chipping, or breaking.  If you are experiencing this, don't judge it.  Don't hold on to it.  Hold the line and let the universe work it's magic on your field.  If it takes a blast to get back in alignment, Eris says, "So be it."

The Sabian symbol for the Eris Point, 21 Aries, is "a boxer entering a ring."  Today, think twice before engaging in confrontations.  It may be time to take a stand or it might not.  Determine this according to how strong you feel about it, but also how much you can back it up.  If you are outmatched, save it for another day.  Be aware also that people project their shadow sides onto others under this energetic.  Don't be blindsided.

The unnatural world order would have us see the Eris energy as a force of chaos and strife, but the truth is we are in the middle of a grand divine blessing.  At the New Moon, the caged birds are freed.  We are being given the gift to change our lives and our experience of life itself.  Ready to sing?

(Note to wise owl musicians:  A piece of music has most likely been coming to you over this lunar month.  This may be something you are creating or even just an element of a bigger composition, or it may be an existing piece of music.  When the New Moon of the "Music of the Spheres" enters April 18, your skills are requested.  Consider what you would like to play then.  You will be providing sounds to imprint a Second Renaissance on Earth.)