Thursday, April 9, 2015

Disseminating Moon Phase: communicate, share

Moon in Sagittarius

Wisdom Goddess:  Bhairavi (The World Nurse)

Skill: determining what is needed

Positive Imprints:  free expression, rewards, simple acts of kindness, renewal of something, the return of knowledge, hope, assisting others, surviving the test of time, an inner quest, truth

Catalysts for Change: judgmental, denying self, harshly rejecting something, over-blown sense of self, seeking the approval of others at the expense of one's spirit, expecting others to meet needs that are meant for us to meet, inhibiting free speech

In the midst of swift change, it is a skillful spiritual warrior who is able to maintain the mystical connection.

Today's energy centers around the issues of needs.  What do you need?  What do you need to do, say, change, accept, release, or see?  What do you need to dream about, wish for, or hope for?  What needs to be awakened or reawakened inside of you?

In the imagery of this lunar month's Sabian symbol, as artists working in stone, what does the emerging sculpture need at this stage?  What does your "ideal of greatness" require now?

How do the needs of others fit in?

Mercury, fresh from its encounter with Uranus yesterday, makes conjunction with the Sun today.  Mercury delivers messages, and when it makes contact with the Sun, the messages are generally self-focused (inner self-focused).  Mercury's energy is always on the move, so messages and information that provide guidance and direction on how to move (move on, move through, move with, move along, etc.) are delivered.

With Mars still in range of the Chiron Point, there is a signature for messages about moving on from suffering.

If you are feeling a pull toward a gloomier or negative outlook, you are already feeling the influence of Pluto stationing retrograde next week.  Tomorrow, Pluto will reach the minute of arc where it will turn retrograde, so a tight shadow of Pluto's retrograde is forming.  Pluto's retrograde (particularly the day of its retrograde, April 17, the day before the New Moon in Aries/New Astrological Year/Major Shift) will deeply plough the field of consciousness.  While Pluto is retrograde, it will bring a re-balancing of many things, particularly the balance between the sacred feminine and sacred masculine.  Between now and then, Pluto is helping us release negativity, so this is probably why this is showing up for you.  It's not a cause for concern; it's a sign of what to let go of.

All of the energy today leads to something being awakened or re-awakened inside of us - something that seeks admission into the light, out into the world.  What is this for you?  Is it an idea, belief, composition, construction, feeling, frequency, project, calling, foundation, painting... What's needed?