Friday, April 17, 2015

Balsamic Moon Phase: release, dream

Moon in Aries

Wisdom Goddess: all

Skill: stand aside and let the energy sweep away the old and outworn; prepare to seed your intentions tomorrow for the new year

Positive Imprints: going with the flow, acceptance, recognition of patterns, beacons of light, assistance from spiritual sources, standing up or owning up, unity, striking a chord, purge of the past, new paths, appreciation of someone's help, darkness abating

Catalysts for Change: blaming others, being too hard on self, feeling unproductive, scattered, ungrounded, lashing out at someone who is trying to help, taking on other's issues thus taking away their personal journey, unappreciated, divide and conquer tactics

Today is an historic day, perched as we are at the edge between an old world and a new one.

While I wish I could wax poetic this "new year's eve" on how the sweeping of the field of consciousness today ushers a new age that begins tomorrow, I endeavor to always keep it real. The truth is, today carries a combination of some of the most emotionally-challenging energetics possible.  The Sabian symbols in effect today include:

  • a large disappointed audience
  • a man in deep gloom; unnoticed, angels come to his aid
  • aroused strikers round a factory
  • a widow at an open grave
  • a porter carrying heavy baggage

So the wisdom today is to recognize that a re-setting of the field is happening, and with it may come emotional catharsis, depression, anger, feelings of loss, a desire to be released from burdens, shattered illusions, and hopelessness.  You may experience this to some degree or a loved one may be experiencing it.  It's ok.  It's just an experience of shedding the old.  Don't become attached to it.  If you catch a strong, "negative" emotion, feel through it and let it pass.  It will, but it is coming up for a reason, so don't judge it.  Allow it to go.

Pluto stations retrograde (appears to move backward in the sky) today and is going to take out a lot of things as it does.  It is taking out the past so that transformation can emerge.  But, as long-time readers know, the day a planet stations retrograde or direct always makes craziness.  The best-laid plans tend to be up-ended and all sorts of chaos is unleashed when planets "change direction." 

We can choose to view all of this as a "deep clean" and let the sweeping energy complete its mission.  The only objective today is to let go of the past and embrace the future.  We honor the process that is underway, give thanks, and prepare for the New Moon.

It is for this reason - the old sweeping out for the new - that I will record the audio overview of the lunar month after the sweep.  We need to deal with what is at hand and come back under better energetics.

The New Moon occurs at 2:56 pm ET/6:56 pm UT tomorrow.  Since the Sabian symbol for the New Moon is "the music of the spheres," let's all play music (actually play it yourself if you are a musician or play recorded versions if you are not) and celebrate the beginning of an age.  Seed your intentions- your ideals of greatness, the things we have focused on all month -  for the new year.  Connect with the planet and perform your own ceremony of thanks, knowing you are doing it with a fellowship around the world.

Calling all owls..