Tuesday, April 18, 2015

Full Moon Phase:  realization, illumination, insight

Moon in Scorpio

Wisdom Goddess:  Kamala (Goddess of the Lotus, Goddess Who Uplifts)

Skill: strike a balance to bridge things

Positive Imprints: regaining strength, love and expressions of love, building or restructuring, objectivity, finding simplicity within complexity, taking a chance, solutions to problems, linking, being adjustable, pieces falling away to reveal truth

Catalysts for Change: seeing the need to move on from something, sacrificing self, unsettled or anxious feelings (move your body to help with this), sabotaging relationships, pushing forward when rest is needed or being lazy when action is needed, dependence, deception, highly self-critical


"An empty hammock."

What does this image for the energy of the Sun's position today conjure for you?

There is a balance that needs to be struck today between two of all kinds of things.  "Two's" of different people, places, and things are destined to be bridged today, and bridges are structures of balance.

The imagery that the empty hammock conjures for you is a guide to what you need today.  What is the setting for the empty hammock you see?  Is it in a well-manicured backyard or maybe perched between two tropical trees on a sandy beach?  Is it made of rope or fabric?  Is it large enough for more than one person?

You can change your initial image of the hammock if you would like it to be something else.  Doing this would be an example of bridging two different things, perhaps an old idea or mindset to a new one.

Key to this is how we balance work/rest, self/others, focus/play, giving/receiving, etc. 

This exercise may seem trivial, but there is deep personal meaning associated with the astrological symbols today.  The energy is meant to span the distance.  We are in a transition time where we are bridging from one world to another.  Today's input is very important to the shape of the future, so we want to be keenly aware of the power of the mind.  Wise owls have the Second Renaissance in mind.

Today is the last day of the Full Moon phase, but the energetics will remain "excited" and will "build" toward tomorrow's wave of Jupiter stationing direct and Mercury conjunct Uranus.  Expect messages and information to be released and delivered.  The energy will be super-fast tomorrow, so we will be ready to remain centered and out of the fray.

Today we bring balance and bridge toward something new.  The plans and supervision are readily available, so to speak.  All we have to do is engage our imagination.