Thursday, May 14, 2015

Balsamic Moon Phase: dream, release

Moon in Aries

Goddess of Wisdom: Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands The Mind)

God of Wisdom: Ian (God of the East)

Skill: follow break free; your heart

True Alignment: mentally deconstructing a situation to gain insight, dignity and dignified, gift-giving, creative projects, creating an order that flows better, long-lasting outcomes from actions, peaceful co-habitation, seeing truth, help from behind-the-scenes

Catalysts for Change: suppressing instincts and intuition, keeping up an image, attention-seeking behavior, lack of empathy, destroying things, loneliness, too much attention on appearance, agreeing to a lower standard

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "the music of the spheres"

The Moon moves to Aries and the inner fire comes back to life. 

Several themes are in play today:

GRATIFICATION: Something that we have wanted to clear, clean, and release happens.  When something that has eluded us is achieved or completed, it is delicious. This may come in the form of something rather minor or trivial, but important to you.  It is symbolic of gratification of something larger that is on the way.  So there's wisdom in how we clear, clean, or release something today because we can apply that method or action to something bigger.  This may make better sense if you read it again later.  The concept is deep, but we have ample energy to see right through and "get it" today, as the Earth moves to the energetic degree of the Sabian symbol "an x-ray photograph." (The other extreme of this would be issues related to the desire for instant gratification, jealousy, envy, stealing, impatience, and childishness.)

PATTERN RECOGNITION:  The "x-ray photograph" energetic also enables us to see a pattern, habit, correlation, or relationship between things.  We see how we do things over and over again.  This information yields valuable insight into how to work within fifth-dimensional consciousness.  We gain room to move, space to open, and fields to enter.  All of this is designed to further free our spirits.  The gifts of wisdom we are receiving enable us to break free.

COLLABORATION:  Each of us plays an important part within the whole, and situations or circumstances today demonstrate this.  Focus is on everyone's roles, not just one role.  There is an old-paradigm element toward self-aggrandizement today.  Getting puffed up with ego runs contrary to collaboration.

As the music of the spheres (the language of Spirit) continues to ring light and bring understanding, our Spirits break free like renegades.  The beauty of The Renegade and the places it trail blazes spreads throughout the field of consciousness today.  Follow where your heart takes you.  It seeks a higher fulfillment.