Friday, May 15, 2015

Balsamic Moon Phase: release, mysticism

Moon in Aries

Goddess of Wisdom: Chinnamasta (Goddess Who Expands The Mind), Shodashi (Goddess of Form and Symmetry)

God of Will: Ian (God of The East)

Skill: capture your adventurous side and ride into unknown mental territory

True Alignment: adjustment, serenity, inclusive, self-confidence and authority, symmetry, enticement, lifting the spirit with music, passion for something, fascination, innocence, grasping the meaning, sharing good fortune

Catalysts for Change: elitism, demanding and bossy, distracted by negativity, illusion, limited perception, invasive, difficulty grasping the lesson, achieving something through deception and pretense, deflated ego, perfectionism, damaged self-worth, irrelevance

Sabian Symbol for the Lunar Month: "the music of the spheres"

Lightning strikes today as the Moon makes conjunction with Uranus at 8:00 am ET/noon UT, setting off an electrical charge in the air.  If you've been reading The Oracle Report over the last week, you know that Uranus is located at the degree of "the magic carpet."  With the air so highly charged, it might be a good idea to "pack" your magic carpet just in case you need to make a mental escape!  Uranus puts things where they need to be, so there is no telling where we will go or what might develop today.  It's always a surprise with Uranus.

Most likely we will go into "new territory" as the Earth is located at a degree and Sabian symbol that is very familiar to many wise owls: "Indians making camp in new territory."  The energy involves adjustment and acclimation in unfamiliar areas (the places where we are growing).  Sometimes moving into unfamiliar territory comes with a bit of unease (or all out panic).  No matter where we "go" we are always connected and grounded with Spirit.  Spirit always rides shotgun, even on magic carpets.  If anxiety starts to creep in on you, move or stretch your body because the energy of change trying to move you forward.  Moving the body ameliorates some of the jangled nerves.

We may encounter a scenario where we need to take action with something that is important to us, even though the outcome is unsure or not guaranteed.  This may be related to the intentions, wishes, dreams, and plans we have been "seeding" into the field of experience for the astrological year.  Maintain a positive mindset with it.  We are in a new dimension of consciousness where reality forms along different lines.  Blossoming occurs with those things aligned with light and goodness; wilting occurs with those things aligned with power and control.

The Wisdom Goddess Shodashi joins Chinnamasta today to put things into proper alignment and form.  Shodashi is the Goddess of Beauty and many other things, but today she is interested in facilitating symmetry.  I also understand that she and Chinnamasta, in collaboration with the King of the Battlefield, Ian Achoneses, will take care of some nasty, archontic energy today.  The music of the spheres will follow a heavy drum line today.  Higher forces will pound out reformation, restructuring, and realignment toward Natural Order.  New forms and old traditions are empowered.

The power to create beautiful things is strong today.  This energy "cultivates" things, which is wonderful for the last few days of the lunar month where we have been "planting seeds."   

This report has gone all over the place - from magic carpet rides to cultivating beauty - but this is the nature of today's energy.  Uranus is uncontained, wild energy.  It seeps in everywhere, often bringing individuality, eccentricity, and even high strangeness - qualities of the Second Renaissance.  We are uncontained and wild only to the level that brings the desired result because we are always tethered within the mind of God.

Let's venture (or magic carpet ride) into unknown territory today and see what's possible.

(Check back after 3:00 pm ET today for the overview of the New Moon in Taurus, which begins Monday, May 18.  Note that Mercury will station retrograde just 22 hours after the New Moon.  I will discuss this, the massive solar activity with CME review, and much more.)