Thursday, September 10, 2015

Balsamic Moon Phase: release, clear, dream

Moon in Leo

Goddess of Wisdom: Bhairavi (Goddess Who Fortifies the Heart)

God of Wisdom: Kathe (God of the South)

Skill: trust

True Alignments: patience, amusement, ability to laugh at oneself, awards of achievement, coping, taking a break to gain strength and re-focus, passing along information, listening, giving and receiving, acceptance

Catalysts for Change: too much too fast, going in circles, lack of experience, detrimentally overindulging, lack of courage, refusing to do things a different way, unsatisfied, apathy, monotony, doing for another instead of teaching or helping one do for oneself, competing for domination, going sideways or off the track, scattered

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "a carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission"

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the music of the spheres"

Today there is one mission, and it is a critical one because we are in an important time - a very mystical and historical time. 

The mission is to trust.

The reason today's mission is to trust is because the primary energetic in play today is Mars at the degree of "intoxicated chickens dizzily flapping their wings trying to fly."  Frustration and doubt easily arise in us.  We want to break limitations, but it can seem almost against all odds, making us want to try harder.  But, at this stage of things, our efforts don't have to be graceful or perfect, they just have to happen.  It's the trying that counts, especially when it is against all odds.  To do that, we trust that we will get there.

As discussed yesterday, the power of belief is at maximum levels between now and the New Moon in Virgo on Sunday.  I've kept yesterday's post below for review because today's report is a continuation of yesterday's and so on until the New Moon.

The power to fertilize the "field of the future" is happening right now.  The mindset we hold - FEAR OR LOVE- is the determinant of the course of the future and the Second Renaissance of Consciousness or the Return of Wisdom.

For our purposes, this translates to monitoring the "fields" of our minds through the remainder of the Moon phase (the 100 Hours in yesterday's report).  Where is your mind set?  Is it set on love - as in the harvest and abundance, or is it set on fear - as in broken chaffs and withered potential?  The approach of the Sun and Moon's path through the harvest fields of Virgo can bring either.  Both exist; we choose our field - consciously or not.

Here, we strive to be wise owls not dizzy chickens.  We recognize that the success of the "field" has as much to do with the quality of the soil as it does with the strength of the seed's genes.  Even the fiercest genes struggle in poor soil.  So we want to clean up and nurture our minds and make sure that we are holding a higher mindset of harmony and love, against what may seem to be strong odds in the world now.

And this is where we come back to trust because sometimes that is the only thing we have left to try.  If you are struggling to feel positive and hopeful about the future, you are feeling the effects of the greater dynamics that I discussed in the "Messages in a Bottle" audios (a trauma response to the geopolitical assault that is forming).  At it's core, this is a reaction to something that happened in the past.  It's important that we see how things are not the same way now.  Is what you are feeling an imprint from the past or truly going on in the here and now?

Be aware that the Moon will conjunct Mars at the "dizzy chickens" degree at 3:58 pm ET/7:58 pm UT, enhancing the overall effect that builds all day.

The Sun will disseminate the energy of "a swimming race," which often brings emotional overload.  If we are comparing ourselves to others in some way, we are wasting precious time and energy.

Mercury will disseminate the degree of "in the heat of noon, a man takes a siesta."  Dizzy chickens and wise owls alike will need a break at some point today, most likely when the high light of high noon brings clarity about something.

This clarity that is delivered is something that has been trying to find us since June 29/30.  Venus has been at the degree of "a pageant moving along a street packed with people" for 9 days - since September 1.  Venus usually moves about one degree each day!  That's one long parade.  Venus had something she wanted each of us to see - what we personally value.  What has the drama revealed to you?

Tomorrow, Venus finally moves to "brilliant sunshine just after the storm."  Do we trust that sunshine returns after a storm?  It happens all the time.