Tuesday, October 11, 2016

First Quarter Moon Phase: take action; step outside of the box

Moon in Aquarius

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will):  Elias, God of the West

Skill:  lighten up; feed your head

True Alignments:  unseen assistance, changing a habit, establishing things, inner connection, self nurturing, non judgmental, comfort, things that are good sustenance, coming to terms with something, helping others

Catalysts for Change:  distrust and mistrust, sabotage and self sabotage, over reliance, things that have "gone cold,"  ineffective, "castrated" for something, trying to win approval (approve of yourself), being forced out, manipulation, outbursts of anger

Mars is the name of the game this week, and today Mars becomes very active.

When Mars is activated, we are activated.  Mars rules our energy, how we use our energy, our drive to accomplish and achieve, taking action, taking new directions, the ability to get things done, and going after what our heart desires.

Mars also rules the opposites of those things: having no energy, lack of drive to accomplish or achieve, not taking action, not taking new directions, the inability to get things done, and not going after what our heart desires.  When the "negative" polarity of Mars is activated, anger and its opposite, depression, build up.

On days like today, what has built up can blow up.  Mars and Mercury are making a square, and Mars and Neptune are making a sextile, both leading up to the conjunction of Mars and Pluto (October 13-19).

So, today there will be tendencies for tempers to flare, road rage, impulsivity, not thinking things through to their potential consequences, difficulty making decisions, warlike behavior, pushing hard to be the best or win, identity crises, anger, tantrums, and selfishness.

In kind, there is ample energy for channeling energies into things that are productive, making a mark, speeding through something, solving and resolving, turning something around, and taking a leap of faith.

Be aware that the aspects of Mercury and Neptune with Mars bring potential for extreme distortion of thoughts and perceptions.  It can be harder to discern reality or the truth about ourselves and others.  Don't get carried away with the chatter of negative self talk.  Dispatch the thoughts; they do not serve.

Venus and Chiron are in aspect today, as well, which is pressing on wounds of the heart if they are there.

The Mars-Pluto conjunction is transforming and revitalizing our energy bodies.  The conjunction occurs at 16 Capricorn: "school grounds filled with boys and girls in gymnasium suits."  This energetic activates hormone levels as it tries to teach us something and restore our level of overall "fitness" for our missions on Earth.

Today Mars is discharging "an albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor."  People, places, and things that are usually on opposite sides can come together.  Things that have weighed us down can be lifted.

A similar energetic is in effect with the Earth discharging "a young girl feeding birds in winter."

(It may feel like "winter" in some ways, but it matters not to us because Mercury is discharging "a blazing fireplace in a deserted home."  The inner home fire always burns.  It is always there to sustain us no matter how far away we go.)

The idea of "feeding our heads" comes to mind, which brings to mind Jefferson Airplane's song "White Rabbit," and, as if there was a divine message encoded, today Venus discharges "a rabbit metamorphosed into a fairy."

Today we will endeavor to lighten up AND feed our heads.

P.S. Today the Sun is discharging the energetic of "a Jewish rabbi performing his duties."  This involves the themes of discipline, ritual, and tradition.  Where does this fit in today?

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