Thursday, September 29, 2016

Balsamic Moon Phase: release, dream

Moon in Virgo

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Shodashi, Goddess of Beauty, Goddess Who Aligns With the Highest and Best

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Kathe, God of the South

Skill:  blaze your heart fire

True Alignments:  satisfying, the spirit of adventure, spreading warmth, grieving a loss, making space for the new, courage, overcoming a feeling of failure, time for reflection, calmness, ability to adjust, welcoming, the heights of creativity

Catalysts for Change:  fear, restless, difficulty adjusting or changing, isolative/loneliness, abandonment issues, superficial, off course, selfish, bitterness, self sabotage, drama queens, rushing in to something or rushing something, moody

The eve of the New Moon, the one named Black, the Wisdom Goddess Shodashi leaves us with a stroke of beauty.

The touch of the Goddess, the Sacred Feminine, pervades the energetics today.  Venus is discharging "the Moon shining across a lake," giving the day a reflective quality.  Venus is in trine to Neptune, an exalted combination of creativity and beauty.

A sustaining energetic of warmth comes with the Sun discharging "a blazing fireplace in a deserted home."  Unseen guidance and protection is always available, but today it demonstrates itself.  It is evident.  We can proceed on adventures, knowing that we can always return to the inner home -- where the fires of heart and spirit roar. 

Things or conditions that appear to be "dying out" or going downhill or not going the way we would like them to are actually the embers that begin something new or take things in a different direction.

Mercury, the Messenger, leads the way to new adventures, discharging "a caravan of cars headed for promised lands."  We move on.  We align with like-minded people.  We seek out something.  We run down a dream.

Where we "go" and what is "shown" or "evidenced" to us today may be mind-blowing.  The Earth is discharging the energetic of "a woman's hat with streamers blown by the east wind."  This is the degree of the next solar-lunar year, which begins in March 2017.  Today's events may foreshadow what is in store for the upcoming year.  This symbol implies the need to adjust to exterior or outer forces and circumstances.

This lunar month has been about seeing something that was formerly shadowed to us and transcending it, with the energetic of "two heads looking out and beyond the shadows."  Looking beyond darkness is not easy (because truth is revealed), but it is always rewarding.

As beauty unfolds around us today, a tinge of bitter sweetness may occur as the Moon opposes Chiron (exact opposition at 12:43 pm ET/4:43 pm UT).  Something may feel like a three ring circus.  Three's are important today, so be on the lookout for signs and synchronicities that appear three times.  This is very vital information for you.  (If something surprising or disruptive occurs today, do not rush to judge or act or decide.  In fact, consult with someone who is an expert or someone insightful that you trust.)

We started out the month in darkness, looking out and beyond shadows.  We end the month today with the blaze of a home fire.  And so, wise owls, we are not headed into a "Black" New Moon or month.  We are headed to a special place, a place of light, with the New Moon energetic of "three masters hang in a special room in an art gallery."  The Masters of Light are upon us.

The Wisdom Goddess Shodashi bids us adieu today after aligning us with the path of what is in our highest and best interests.  This time around she lead us through shadows in order to align us.  We are well prepared to begin the Libra lunar cycle, the mid-point of the astrological year, and the time when the most light is available (because it is like a month-long Full Moon in the natural cycles).  Let's blow her a kiss.

The mindset we hold on the eve of a New Moon determines, in large measure, the way we will experience the upcoming month. 

The mindset to hold is the one that trusts that a greater story is underway -- a masterpiece, in fact.

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Now, we take this magic carpet ride to the next level and jump to light speed!