Friday, September 30, 2016

New Moon Phase 8:12 pm ET/12:12 am UT: begin, set intentions for the new lunar month

Moon in Libra

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Kali, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West

Skill: create a special place in your heart for the new to enter

True Alignments:  seeing ahead, expansion of ideas and projects, generous, enthusiasm, taking a leap of faith, proving, evolution beyond circumstances, observing events, self-sustaining, a blessing blowing in, unveiling, performance art, fine art, love

Catalysts for Change:  overwhelmed, relying on the past, not changing with the times, inattentive (especially while listening), uncooperative, power struggles, military might, overly serious, false fronts, too much drama, angry outbursts (and road rage), denial of growth, refusing new opportunities, stubborn

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: "three masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery" (light reflected on life; expansion of perceptions; linking mind, body, and spirit, vision and visionary)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: "the magic carpet of Oriental imagery" (transcending difficulties; transcending the unraveling control paradigm; fantastical experiences)

Welcome to the New Moon in Libra, the midpoint of the solar-lunar year, and a time of great shift. 

This lunar month is like a month-long Full Moon phase, the spiritual time of the year when there is the most amount of light by which to see and navigate.  This month will see dramatic changes in the world and in our lives.  It is always so during the Libra lunar cycle (and the other cycles of the "cardinal" months of Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn). 

The higher octave ruler of Libra is Eris, The Rebel, The Revolutionary, The Reckoner.  Rebirth is the theme with Eris.  She brings darkness to light in order to restore balance, harmony, and alignment with the proper or fair way.  Eris breaks rules and restrictions, especially those that are unjust.  We can expect a great deal of this.

In Greek mythology, Eris was the mother of The Furies, and fury often runs high during Libra lunar cycles.  Full Moon Fever lasts all month long.  But the purpose of Full Moon Fever is to rectify what is out of balance, what is far out of the boundaries of respect, and what is straight up "wrong" or anti-human.  The power of this Goddess of the Underworld is boundless.

The unbounded power that comes with Eris/Libra (better defined as "unbounded empowerment" because Eris is more interested in empowering us to empower ourselves) is the reason that October Surprises occur.  The Illuminati minions are obsessed with the energetics of Eris (and her sidekick the Black Moon) because they are immersed, above all else, in a narrative to torture representations of the feminine.  October is certainly a "fest" for those in the dark.

Today's New Moon ushers a pivotal month where staggering amounts of light enable us process all that will be revealed.  The Sabian symbol for the New Moon, "three masters hanging in a special room in an art gallery," and the accompanying energetics of the other planets at the time of the New Moon, produce a month of "exhibitions and displays of liberty and wisdom."  Here are the themes that take us to that "special" place:

1- BESTOWAL OF WISDOM THAT IS NEW AND SPECIAL - Jupiter at "a man teaching the true inner knowledge of the new world to his students" is conjunct the New Moon.  This will exponentially expand the energetics of the New Moon.  New things are going to come to light.

Mars is in square to the New Moon, enhancing the power of the changes this month.  Mars is discharging "the human soul in its eagerness for new experiences seeks embodiment."  New things are going to be experienced.

2- OCCULT REVELATIONS - A large dose of occultism comes with the Earth discharging "a crystal gazer," and Chiron discharging "a materializing medium giving a séance" at the New Moon.  Clarity and insight into the future come with messages that relieve or close out certain things.

3 - PLAYING; COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION TO PRODUCE IMPACTFUL, TANGIBLE RESULTS - Manifestation of ideas and ideals occurs this month.  Things come to life.  Much of this happens as a result of working with others of like mind.  Venus is discharging "a fellowship supper reunites old comrades."  Mercury is discharging "a girls basketball team."  The Black Moon is discharging "children playing around five mounds of sand."  Saturn is discharging a "flag that turns in to an eagle that crows."  Uranus is discharging "an open window and a net curtain blowing into a cornucopia."

We renew bonds, team up, come together, work toward shared goals, and envision what our heart desires.  What five things (not necessarily material things) does your heart desire?

4- SEEING THROUGH - This month, we are destined to see the bare truth of matters, the truth of intentions and motivations, and the truth about levels of commitment.  Neptune is discharging "an aviator in the clouds," and the North Node (destiny) is discharging "a bride with her veil snatched away."  Things can come from out of the blue to reveal the truths that we need to see.  These are things that have been "clouded" and "shrouded" from us, but known to our inner self.  Now is the time to accept.

With Jupiter and Mars in aspect to this New Moon, the entire month, but especially today, anger and its opposite, depression, are potent.  People may act like they are losing their minds, responding irrationally and impulsively.  This energetic can bring out some inner demons and put them on display for all.

Displays and exhibitions are all around us this month.  They seek to show us the ways of wisdom, liberty, and the future.

As this month starts, it may be a good idea to envision or create in your mind a "happy place" to which we can return to equalize and stabilize ourselves this month.  All signs indicate it will be one of the biggest shows of the solar-lunar year.

We will take our cue from The Masters.

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Happy New Moon, everyone!  Let's make it a masterful one!