Monday, December 31, 2018

A quick reminder today, wise owls: skim lightly.

Recall from my recording with Phoenix that today Mars will enter Aries, the Sun moves into conjunction with Saturn, and Pluto will make exact square to the Eris Point.

Let’s break it down so that we can keep up over it all:

Mars enters Aries (9:20 pm ET): This brings higher levels of anger and/or depression and increases the potential for conflicts and confrontations. Mars is warrior energy, and is trying to drive changes, but we want to direct that energy instead of it directing us. Choose battles carefully, or better yet, stay off the battlefield today unless absolutely necessary.

Sun conjunct Saturn: Exact conjunction occurs tomorrow, but this is already in effect. This brings health issues (prayers to fellow truther David Knight of Real News who is undergoing surgery today after a massive heart attack). We also tend to be much harder on ourselves and others when Saturn is activated, so let’s temper that and opt to take personal responsibility for changes.

Pluto square Eris Point: These two are concerned with justice and injustice. The energies can go rather radical, with intense projection within interpersonal relationships. We don’t want to go there. The higher octave of the pair brings transformation and rebirth. If this aspect begins to present problems, instead of blaming, focus on productive and effective outcomes. This is related to romantic relationships as well as work/professional relationships. Take the high road.

We want to be wise and not sucked in to archontically-induced scenarios that sabotage. We are not chumps to the lower octave of the electro-magnetics.

Let’s skim lightly into 2019. Peace and much love.