Monday, September 24, 2018

Today’s energetics show us the shape of things to come.

The Moon will be what is called “Void of Course” (VOC) most of the day. The Moon is VOC when it is transiting the last few degrees of a sign before it enters a new sign.

It is typically best not to push/force the initiation or completion of things because the energetics are weaker for accomplishment. This is especially true when the Moon is VOC in Pisces, and even more true when the is Moon VOC before making the Full Moon, as it is today.

This does not mean we stop in our tracks or quit progressing with things. It means we understand that our efforts may not be as efficient or concrete as we might like. So we need not become frustrated if we feel our week is not off to an energetic start.

The energetics will change rapidly when the Moon moves into Aries. Here’s the chronology:

7:04 pm ET/11:04 pm UT: MOON ENTERS ARIES AND CONJUNCTS CHIRON 4 MINUTES LATER - The Moon conjuncts Chiron one time each month. Today’s energetics will build toward this astrological aspect all day long. The degree of the conjunction, 01 Aries, the first degree of the zodiac, is the Sabian symbol for RISING AND BEGINNING - “a woman has risen out of the ocean; a seal is embracing her.”

This is a fabulous lead in to the FULL MOON at 10:52 pm ET/2:52 am UT at 02 Aries, “a comedian entertaining the group.” I know this symbol well. Humor will be vital during the days of the Full Moon phase.

On the surface, the energetic of “the comedian…” reminds of us the healing power of humor. However, what is unstated is the potential need for humor due to the soberness, seriousness or sad nature of events. So this energetic is not just all fun and laughs; it is the ability to persevere by trying to find a silver lining or putting the best foot forward.

Humorous memes that bring information to light will be highly effective during the Full Moon phase.

Just after midnight, at 12:27 am ET/4:27 am UT, the Moon will square Saturn. The energetics activated by this are the Moon at 03 Aries, “a cameo profile of a man in the outline of his country,” and Saturn at 03 Capricorn, “the human soul in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment.”

Issues with personal (and national) boundaries and limits come with this. It is a good idea to observe yourself and how you balance “you” with “the world.” New parameters may need to be established. The light of the Full Moon helps us see the nature and shape of things now and things to come.

Within the boundaries of the shape of things and things to come, we hit a new stride. Adding to Saturn’s discharging “the human soul in its eagerness for new experiences…” energetic, the Sun is discharging energy for transferring or transmitting wisdom and the best of old things (or past things) into new things for the future. The Sun is discharging 02 Libra, “the light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh.” Important information is handed down to us (from our ancestors, from Spirit, from the Information Field).

This Full Moon phase has quite a few “new” motifs. Remember that the Full Moon phase brings the themes that were in effect during the New Moon phase (September 9-12) to full spectrum or their highest expression.

Some are blinded by the light of the Full Moon and experience a sort of “madness.” Full Moons in Aries always fire things up more than usual. As I have said all month, expect the unexpected.

Venus and Mars are attempted to heal, fix, or complete interpersonal relationships of all types. Venus is discharging “a dentist at work;” Mars is discharging “a Hindu healer.” This combination brings whatever is needed for everyone’s highest and best.

Today’s events will link directly to Friday, September 28. So again, today is about seeing the shape of things to come. The events of today give us a direct indication of events for Friday. This is likely most related to information. Today’s headlines will evolve over the week and come to some sort of evolution or resolution or even manifestation Friday.

Today is 1 Night - The First Night - in the tzolkin, the Mayan Sacred Calendar. What is the shape of things to come?

Whatever it is, the mission is to maintain equilibrium by finding the humor of it - even if we can only shake our heads at the folly of the human experience at times.

Happy Full Moon, everyone!

P.S. - We raised $1,422 for our wise owl friend in need, enabling a great blessing to occur. If you only knew! I am bound by confidentiality, but just let me say that lives have been changed and hope has been restored where great darkness had entered. Our friend sends deepest gratitude and love, and I send mind as well to all who donated and all who sent their heartfelt wishes. How I love the parliament of wise owls! It is my honor to know you.