Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Full Moon Phase: enlightenment

Moon in Cancer (Leo at 10:15 pm ET/7:15 pm PT)

Ruling Mahavidya: Shodashi (Goddess of Beauty, Goddess Who Charts Courses)

Skill: watch from the inner place of calm and respond when needed

Negative Imprint: unprepared to respond, glaring differences in paradigms and philosophies, alienated, isolated, separated, overprotection, avoidance, thirst for power, feelings misunderstood

Positive Imprint: shielded, changing conditions, good magical rituals, intuition, offerings and blessings, sharing thoughts and feelings, healing, progress, inner riches

A strong influx of energy continues to rain down on us, pouring down at times.  It's intense!  But upgrades in consciousness usually are, and today we will respond and adapt to the changes that are happening inside of us and outside in the world.

Let's talk about what's contributing to this and where it's going.

First, one aspect of the intensity is courtesy of Pluto's daily march toward aspect with Uranus.  The two are chiming a tune that is being heard around the world.  Pluto will make exact square with Uranus once again this Sunday, December 14 at 7:45 pm ET/ 00:45 am UT, re-activating the energetics of the monumental Grand Cardinal Cross.  This Grand Cardinal Cross aspect has been cresting at various times throughout the year.  The purpose of the Grand Cardinal Cross has been to sound a call to awakening, duty, and mission.  It's the marker in time when soul families would come back together to shift the world paradigm - the world dream - back to its natural state.  Light workers are activated.

It's a big mission, so we feel it in big ways.  It is often initially experienced with chaos.  When things begin to shift, a certain degree of chaos is unleashed.  In this context, chaos is a good thing because it means we are changing (transforming, alchemizing) from one way to another.  It is unsettling.  It's supposed to be, because the energy is sorting and sifting and shuffling things all around.  It's like a snow globe that has been turned upside down and shaken.

Instead of being the spiraling snowflakes, we can stay pretty well grounded in the middle and watch as the snowflakes settle into new places and patterns.  Wise owls watch from the inner place of calm, not only because it is wise, but because it is beautiful.  Falling snowflakes are wondrous.

We want to choose wonder over chaos.

The second dynamic involves this month's theme of "homecoming," which is becoming more pronounced as the Sun progresses further into Sagittarius and closer to conjunction in the sky with the Galactic Center.  It's a high, holy event.  The Sun will conjunct the Galactic Center next week on December 17/18.  We will be in the Balsamic phase of the Moon at that time, the dreamy, spiritual phase when the veils between the worlds are already thinnest.  The Sun, the Earth, and humanity "come home" when the Sun returns to the degree of the Galactic Center. 

On the tails of the high, holy event of the Sun conjunct the Galactic Center, the New Moon in Capricorn enters three days later with Venus conjunct Pluto (both squaring Uranus), and Venus stationing retrograde the same day.  So we will have a New Moon and Venus stationing retrograde while aspecting Pluto and Uranus all on the same day. 

Recall also that the Capricorn lunar month is a "cardinal" month, one of the four months each year that pivot massive change and set new courses.  This is where the energy is building and this is why people are feeling the intensity.

Instead of calling it an intensity let's call it a quickening.  Intensity has such a negative connotation and we are aiming for wonder.  "Quickening" better describes it, don't you think?

Today, as we are captivated (sometimes by the sheer spectacles of insanity) by the things that are shifting inside of us and outside in the world, we are adapting to what is happening.

Feelings of isolation and loneliness underlie this energy if we don't feel like we have or are making connections with others.  This month is "nexusing" people of like mind together, but if you aren't feeling or experiencing this, the emptiness is deep.  All things must unlock in their own time.  Even if you aren't seeing the "homecoming" in your life right now, know that the energies are working at even deeper levels of you to form new elements.  Your personal astrology may be "overriding" the generalized energies.  If so, take heart because other important and special things are happening for your journey.  Most likely you are creating a new "snow globe" with your life.

There is also an underlying signature of today's energetics that carries a thread of fear or danger.  This is present today and tomorrow.  Pay attention to your gut feelings.  Don't dismiss intuitive caution or warning.  If it feels bad, move on.

Themes related to substance versus appearance also entangle today.  Appearance tends to dominate with this one.  Superficiality is annoying, so be prepared to respond and adapt if this appears for you today.

Also, the potential for projection of one's own feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and fears onto others is strong today.  With this, there is an attempt to escape personal responsibility and avoid or deny that anything is happening.  Take on board only what is yours.

It is a good idea to incorporate the element of fire through the end of the month.  Like the Sabian symbol for the degree of Pluto, "a fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence," we can use the element of fire for enlightenment.  Light a candle and in the flame's reflection, see the representation of the candle that is lit in the window of the Galactic Center, waiting for us to come home.