Friday, April 25, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase: release, transform, heal

Moon in Pisces

Ruling Mahavidya:  Chinnamasta and Kali

Skill: take the road less traveled

Negative Imprint: the day is a hard road

Positive Imprint: the day is a cherished gift

Last evening (00:32 am UT/ 8:32 pm ET/ 5:52 pm PT), the Sun released an X1.3-class flare.  The energy of this flare is one we have a good deal of experience with - "men traveling a narrow path seeking illumination" - the Sabian symbol of the Pisces lunar month (this past March).    So we can expect two things from this today as the energy is distributed: a revisit of the themes of your life during March and illumination/insight into something.

At the time of the flare, the Moon was conjunct Neptune and not far off from Chiron.  So these energies are pulled alongside the flare energy.  The truth of our illusions is apparent under these influences.  We see.

Of course, the flip side of this energy is being blinded by the light.  Too much illumination/insight can be taxing to the body, psyche, and emotions.  It is best to slow things down today so you can process what comes to you. 

Since we were still in last day of the Third Quarter Moon phase at the time of this powerful flare - technically the energetic completion of the lunar month in Aries -it's energy empowers anything and everything that we have been "seeding" or "intending" all month long.  This happens if we haven't given up on those things already.  It's like a shot of cosmic fertilizer.  It's also Sabaoth's (the Gnostic name for the Sun) way of "sealing" the intentions we've set for the year.

Does it get any better than this?  How divine to have this sort of energy come at this time.

But it actually does get better than this.  The Moon will conjunct Venus today, at the degree of "a prophet bringing down the new law from Mount Sinai."  In essence, this energy adds to the revelatory truths.  This is not an endorsement of religious doctrine; it is merely archetypal energy.  (It may, however, activate something in the region of Mount Sinai.  There is always that potential with this degree.)  The symbol implies the practical application of spiritual insights.  It's the energy to manifest new ideas.

The negative polarity of this would be trying to control and dictate people or being a know-it-all.

It gets even better.  The position of the Sun today is "a bridge being built across a gorge." This energy re-connects us with spirit, helping to heal our feeling of separation from spirit, which is an illusion in itself.  All kinds of things are bridged, overcome, and linked today.

Today's energy is a cherished gift.  Let's say a prayer of thanks to Sabaoth and Gaia Sophia for it.  And then let's snap some pictures of what we encounter on our narrow path of illumination.  Send them to me at or share them on the Oracle Report Facebook community.

I'd like to thank Janet Hickox for inviting me on her show last night.  I very much enjoyed talking to everyone and I hope that the explanation on the Black Moon in Leo and Aquarius is helpful.  You can listen to the archive of the show at  Part 2 comes next Thursday night.  Also, to clarify my last comments about my "mistress" Gaia Sophia. I am referring to her in this way, of course, because I am in service to her.

But today, she and the Sun are serving us.