Monday, October 1, 2018

Big day to break out! Let’s get to it:

1 - 1:29 pm ET/5:29 pm UT: MARS CONJUNCT BLACK MOON

Mars has been trailing the Black Moon for a week catches up today. The combination of Mars and the Black Moon brings stellar new beginnings and rebirth, heightened anger or depression, strong tendencies to project feelings onto another, war, and peace.

The conjunction occurs in Aquarius, adding issues with power (power and control struggles, feelings of powerlessness, taking back one’s power). It also adds fear of change and the unknown.

Pinpointing it even more, the conjunction occurs at 07 Aquarius (06 Aq 14) and the Sabian symbol of “a child born out of an eggshell.”

Ah, the cryptography of the Sabian symbols. What does “a child born out of an eggshell” mean? (Other than the modern version of the Cabbage Patch kids, Hatchimals, dropping this week, no coincidence there. Is anyone else kind of creeped out by these?)

“A child born out of an eggshell” is about things that have been incubating or simmering or building beneath the surface, in the background, on the back burner, and in the corners of our minds beginning to come to life.

We develop NEW WAYS to do things. NEW SYSTEMS.

People’s minds also crack, so be aware.

This cycle of Mars and the Black Moon lasts 22 months, until August 8, 2020. At that time, Mars and the Black Moon will begin a new round at 22 Aries, “the gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.”

See the direction? What is beginning and undertaken now will come to blissful completion and unfold at a grander level (grow up) with the next cycle in 2020.

We could carry it forward as far as we like, but there’s no reason to look beyond 2020, because that is the end of the time period the Wisdom Goddesses gave for the re-set/end of the ages. (Not the end of life or the end of the world. On the contrary, it is the beginning.)

Recall that the day two planets make exact conjunction, like today, is very intense.

There is intense power for change today. We want to make the most of it.

2 - 2:00 pm ET/6:00 pm UT: MOON ENTERS CANCER

The impetus or motivation or spark that lights with the Mars-Black Moon conjunction will take 30 minutes to get going. The Moon is void of course (VOC) until thirty minutes after the Mars-Black Moon conjunction. Things don’t usually take root when the Moon is VOC. (FYI - taxes - grr - or anything you don’t want to “come back around” should always be filed during a Moon VOC. Nothing tends to comes back from them.)

3 - 7:19 pm ET/11:19 pm UT: MOON OPPOSES SATURN

When the Moon makes a hard aspect with Saturn, we can become overwhelmed with feelings of failure, disappointment, and self-punishment. This is just the archontic mind. It’s illusion. We are here to grow and learn. Mistakes happen. The purpose is wisdom.


Venus helps us with the emotionality of the day, as it discharges the energetic of “a drowning man is being rescued.” Mother/Father God are always standing by as Lifeguards. Room to breathe, an infusion of life force, an inspiration are right there. Ask and align.

The Lifeguard energy is abundant. Today is 8 Dog in the tzolkin. Dog energy is the protector and guardian of life. 8 energy brings harmony and JUSTICE.

All of this today may be quite emotionally overwhelming. We have A LOT of water energy (water = emotions, transmutation). The Moon goes in to the water sign of Cancer, Venus at the “drowning man being rescued,” Mercury discharging “a retired sea captain watches ships entering and leaving the harbor,” and Saturn now discharging 04 Capricorn, “a group of people entering a large canoe for a journey by water.”

Lots of water. Again, lots of potential for change.

Under today’s particular combination of codes, we are naturally contemplative (especially of the past) and reflective (especially of memories). We seek what is of substance. We find balance. Leave the past in the past. All of the energetics point to the future.

Shall we embark? We certainly have all that we need today.

I am delighted to be in the same canoe with you.

Happy journeying.