Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Yesterday we were “a group of people entering a large canoe for a journey by water.”

Today we are in “a canoe approaching safety through dangerous waters” with the Sun discharging 10 Libra. This energy brings us into calmer energy and helping us navigate challenges.

This is a nice relief after yesterday’s Mars-Black Moon conjunction. (Whew! How was that for you?)

Since Venus is preparing to station retrograde on Friday (3:05 pm ET), it is slowing and still discharging “a drowning man being rescued.” This is the symbol for 11 Scorpio and it is the degree at which Venus will station direct. This means the energetic of RESUCITATION, THE ABILITY TO COPE, and BREATHING ROOM will be the primary theme throughout Venus’ retrograde (until November 16 at 6:50 am ET).

If you have been following Oracle Report for a while, you may remember me saying that, in my opinion, a Venus retrograde is the most impactful of all of the planets’ retrogrades. More on this later.

Remember that today we are in calmer waters. CALM and RELIEF are the keywords today.

We want to keep this in the forefront of our minds while Mercury squares Pluto today (exact aspect at 7:58 pm ET/11:58 pm UT). If we remain calm, we can stay out of the potential fray that these two can bring. Dark or negative thinking and speaking can come with these.

The highest octave of Mercury square Pluto today is the karma police. Mercury is discharging “a gang of robbers in hiding” and Pluto is “a child of about five carrying a huge shopping bag full of groceries.”


Today connects directly back to January 24, 2018, when Mercury and Pluto began this cycle with conjunction at 20 Capricorn, “a hidden choir singing during a religious ceremony.” Essentially, since then a “come uppance” has been underway. As the song goes, “this is what you get when you mess with us.”

Justice is being CARRIED out by the union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Do you see it?

The Moon will add to the Pluto activation today as it makes opposition at 10:10 pm ET/02:10 am UT. At that time, the Moon will be at 19 Cancer, “a priest performing a marriage ceremony.” Themes of loyalty, commitment, and vows are involved with today’s energy.

And we continue to open up space for this entire year’s theme of “through imagination a lost opportunity is regained.” NEW WAYS are there for the taking. Today the Earth is discharging “a teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional images.” Breakthrough. Reinterpret. Revise and realign. (It’s Third Quarter Moon phase — the time to revise and realign! Change your thinking.)

It’s 9 Monkey in the tzolkin. 9 is Light and Monkey is the Weaver of Time. See the light of patterns.

See YOU tomorrow.

Note: The link above is to Wise Owl Robin’s site - “The Legend of the Three: The Sabian Symbols Reinterpreted.” The Wisdom Goddesses have delivered Robin the “the new symbolic forms to traditional images.” Welcome to Second Renaissance. Thank you for the gift, Robin!