Wednesday, September 26 - Thursday, September 27, 2018


Today the Sun is discharging one of our favorite symbols, 04 Libra, “a group of young people or people young at heart (italics mine) sit in spiritual communion around a campfire.”

(It seems more appropriate to write the report as the Sun is setting, so we take a diversion from the regular way I write the Oracle Report.)

As we “sit around a campfire” tonight, we talk about how the day brought the themes of independence, rebels, and collaborations to life. We talk about how firebrand, trailblazing, pioneering energy dominated the day and what is transpiring from it. This is what happens when the energetic of 04 Libra, “a group of young people sit in spiritual communion around a campfire,” is in effect.

A deeper discussion ensues about the next two days, Thursday and Friday, as dramatic changes will occur and things will come from out of the blue. We know to expect the unexpected. We note that:

1 - THE MOON MOVES INTO TAURUS Thursday, September 27 at 3:16 am ET/7:16 am UT, and beginning to make conjunction with Uranus. This is why Thursday will be so dramatic.

Uranus brings rapid, shocking changes. Uranus is like lightning unleashed. Doubling the force, the Moon and Uranus will make conjunction at 02 Taurus and the Sabian symbol energetic of “an electrical storm.”

I think I hear some thunder in the background already.

2 - WE UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN URANUS IS ACTIVATED, things are set on their proper course — a course aligned with the highest and best for everyone. We know that sometimes this is not visible when the changes first happen, especially if they are the result of an accident. Rates of accidents are higher when Uranus is activated (take special care driving and with electrical devices/water). Still, silver linings eventually come from things that seem negative at the time they happen.

3 - WE REMEMBER THAT URANUS IS AT 01 TAURUS, which means it is in tight conjunction with a special place in the sky. This is the location in the sky where the planet Chiron was located when it was discovered.

Chiron brings Renaissance. But it does not come easily. Deep experiences of life, many of which challenge the heart and will, are what bring about the “gold” of Chiron. This special place in the sky where Chiron was discovered is the degree of 04 Taurus and the accompanying Sabian symbol energetic of “the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.'“

The “electrical storm” is in process of bringing a rainbow. It is clear that a bridge to a better future is upon us.

5 - WE ARE AWARE OF THE TENDENCIES for anger, aggression, and depression, as well as initiative, motivation, and excitement that is in effect Thursday with the Sun making a trine with Mars.

Mars is thisclose to the Black Moon and some people are not responding well to it, projecting their shadow side (and its vitriol and ugliest side) on the outside. Derangement easily ensues under this astrological aspect.

We take the high road, and aim for truth, as always.

Now, who has the marshmallows? It’s time for smores.

(I brought the music. It’s Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. No surprise there.)