Monday, September 17, 2018

Astrologically, we have a big week in store. MESSAGES, INFORMATION, AND REVELATIONS are on tap, beginning today. Here’s a rather long overview of how it will play out, and I hope that it provides helpful navigation:

1- MESSAGES BEGIN today with the Moon making conjunction with Saturn at 12:24 pm ET/4:24 pm UT at 03 Capricorn, “the human soul, in its eagerness for new experiences, seeks embodiment.” In addition to messages about our direction in life and how to enhance our experience of life, we see changes to the structure or format of things (which may be unexpected).

It is very easy to be hard on ourselves when the Moon and Saturn are conjunct, especially when they are conjunct in Saturn’s home sign of Capricorn. We tend to over-focus on our shortcomings and perceived failures. In Freudian terms, our superego can go into super-drive. Bypass the negative mental loop; chalk it up to Saturn; redirect with something productive (cleaning is a good way to satisfy and move this energy). We want to check things off our list with this energy (and tend to get project our own feelings about not completing our own list onto other people). Let’s hold back the judgment and criticism and the self-judgment and self-criticism.

2 - THE UNEXPECTED SHOULD BE EXPECTED with Mars moving into square with Uranus. THE STORMS rage with Mars discharging “an unexpected thunderstorm” and Uranus discharging “an electrical storm.” Mars makes things happen FAST. Uranus brings SURPRISES and CHANGE. Mars and Uranus make exact square Tuesday, September 18 at 6:43 pm ET/10:43 pm UT, but this energy has been in effect for several days and will last throughout the week. (Astrological aspects involving any of the outer planets remain in effect longer because their orbits are longer and they stay at a degree of the zodiac longer.)

Heightened levels of anxiety and insomnia accompany this. It’s best to just get up and move around as opposed to staying put.

When we follow the cycles of the planets, we look back to when the two planets made conjunction. This is when a new cycle between the two planets begins. Mars and Uranus made conjunction at the New Moon in Pisces on February 26, 2017. So we look back to what was going on in our lives or in the world then, and now see the revision and completion of those things.

Mars and Uranus have moved 270 degrees apart, now making a Third Quarter square, which is equivalent to a Third Quarter Moon phase - the time of revising, fixing, and taking personal responsibility. In concrete ways, we are taking action to complete with the things that were “seeded” in late February and throughout March 2017.

That New Moon in Pisces in 2017 occurred at 06 Pisces, “the race begins: intent on outdistancing his rivals, a jockey spurs his horse to great speed.” The race to tear down systems of tyranny and build Second Renaissance was in full force - the combined force of Mars and Uranus! Fast, fast, fast! It has become dizzying!

Recall that this happened one month into Trump’s inauguration.

Mars and Uranus made conjunction and began their new cycle at 22 Aries, “the gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.” So this cycle between Mars and Uranus is about fulfilling the desires of the collective of humanity. This cycle is in effect until February 13, 2019, when the two planets will begin a new cycle.

Recall that Mars retrograded between June and August of this year, fine-tuning and revising things before it stationed direct just a couple of weeks before they now make the Third Quarter square (revise and realign). Action taken now is refined — purified almost.

It does seem very much like a horserace. (Take good care of your and others’ heart.)

Recall also that Mars is moving into tight conjunction with the Black Moon, adding a flavor of anger, revolution, and bringing light to shadows and darkness.

3 - MESSAGES FROM HIGHER SOURCES come this week with the Sun and Earth making a square with the Galactic Center (exact square on Wednesday, September 19). High level cosmic energy is activated.

4 - EMERGENCY MESSAGES from the President in the form of the EMS are scheduled for Thursday, September 20 here in the U.S. There has been much discussion of this since it was announced. Astrologically this is interesting because Mercury will conjunct the Sun, which is the highest energetic for messages. The conjunction occurs at 29 Virgo, “a man gaining secret knowledge from an ancient scroll he is reading.” Again, messages and Information.

This comes as the Moon makes its once-a-month conjunction with the Black Moon (6:00 am ET/10:00 am UT). We remember that this day is a “shadow day” when we unconsciously project own negativity, but also a day when things are brought to light.

In addition, Jupiter is still discharging 20 Scorpio, “a woman drawing aside two dark curtains which closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.” With the Mars-Uranus cycle of “the gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires,” this bodes well for humanity.

5 - Today, feelings of grief and loss over something that has passed or seems to be passing now are imprinted into the energetics. The Sun is discharging 25 Virgo, “a flag at half mast in front of a public building.” The Earth is discharging 25 Pisces, “the purging of the priesthood.” My, how these energetics have evolved with these two degrees.

Today is 7 Owl, wise owls, the day to proliferate wisdom.

Message received?